Saying Thanks – Donor Wall

I’d Never Give A Dream Away, No Matter What They Say!

Well, that’s certainly a lot easier with a little help from our friends …

And that’s why we’ve created the official donor wall: To say an enormous “Thank You” to each and every one who has supported our dream, not only with their purchases but also with their donation(s) so far. 

The Donor Wall Page is dedicated to all donors, including the ones who chose to stay anonymous! All contributions are much appreciated and put to good use, and we are hard at work creating new videos, a new album and many other projects in the pipeline. Every little bit helps!

If you want to support what we do in the same way, you can find much more information on the Donation Page – We even made a little video to go along with it. 🙂

You’re so groovy, and we’re incredibly grateful,
Mona & Lisa

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Jung Roe
5 years ago

Team MLT. You are the brightest shining star in the musical firmament today. You all give so much to your art and passion that touches each and everyone of us deeply. Thank You so much.

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