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Join the MLT Club and support the Twins on their musical journey while getting exclusive content and bonuses like:

  • Exclusive Acoustic and Live Videos just for the Club
  • Early access to new music and videos
  • Access to our entire music collection to stream
  • 100s of unreleased photos from the archives
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes videos
  • Radio interviews & performances
  • Special shop discounts, games, birthday & holiday surprises
  • “Ask the MLT” forum – they will answer online
  • Fan forum …

Cancelling and suspending is possible at any time with the click of a button in your account settings. You can check out the MLT Club Info Page for even more details.

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  1. Frank De Giacomo

    Frank De Giacomo

    Mona and Lisa are amazingly talented musicians and singers. Watch any of their livd performances on YouTube and you’ll see excellent guitarists( and other instruments too), fantastic harmonies, and beautiful original songs and lyrics. They are so good and having so much joy in making music it is impossible to not be happy watching.
    The MLT Club gives you the opportunity to have a small part in promoting their success and gives you access to so many extras. Their advent calendar was unbelievable, so many special performances and peeks into their lives. I love getting their updates and pictures and videos- and so reasonably priced. I’m totally biased- they are awesome and I’m so happy they started the MLT Club

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  2. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Richard McGlenn

    The MLT Club membership

    Richard McGlenn (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best deal on the MonaLisa Twins website. Tons of extra behind the scenes content for club members. Early access on upcoming projects and videos. Many photos of the twins that you won’t find anywhere else except as a club member. And best of all, you’re supporting REAL MUSIC by real musicians playing real instruments with a passion that you can’t help but notice when you listen. There’s nothing these days quite like the MLT Experience in my opinion and for such a low cost. It’s a blast to be a member.

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  3. Kevin


    OK this is an overall review of the MLT experience. I am so happy to be a part ( however small ) of this community and to watch the girls grow and expand into the international phenomenon they will surely become. I am especially impressed with the professionalism and sheer attention to detail that pervades everything they do. I ordered a mug and it came with a handwritten note , then the Christmas postcard, also hand signed. Mona and Lisa obviously care very much about their fan base and the club is a novel way of keeping us updated, especially for old fossils like myself who won’t participate in the murky world of social media. So well done and stay groovy !!

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  4. Michael Parker

    Michael Parker

    Been following Mona & Lisa and their music for a couple of years now and they are superb musicians and lovely people. Glad when this Club Membership came along as it gives me the chance to support their endeavours to produce the music they want whilst remaining independent. Keep it up girls.

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  5. One person found this helpful
    Jung Roe

    The MLT Club, I highly, highly, highly recommend it!!!.

    Jung Roe (verified owner)

    I’ve followed Mona and Lisa on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since I first discovered them about a year and a half ago prior to the MLT Club creation. For a huge MLT fan, the MLT Club is like going to a concert and watching your favorite band on stage like everyone else, versus being invited back stage by the band and being inducted into their inner circle. As others have stated here, you get access to all kinds of MLT content (pictures, videos, music etc) not available anywhere else, tons of content from over the years, making of videos, behind the scenes insight into their music and videos, personal stuff, family stuff, childood stuff, early release music/video access, a Jukebox, puzzles etc. There is new content being added all the time.

    As I type this I am listening to the Beatles Rubber Soul album, because I asked Lisa in a forum what their fave Beatles albums are, and she replied and recommended this one for me for someone getting into Beatles albums! That kind of interaction Mona and Lisa do with their fans in the MLT Club is priceless worth 10 years of subscription for me! Imagine 50 years ago in a Beatles Club forum asking George Harrison what is his favorite guitar, and he replies back to you and says “I favor the Gretch. I’d start with that one”. If you really love MonaLisa Twins and their music, there is no better way to play a part in their musical creativity and journey than getting their music, and being a part of their MLT Club.

    My favorite MLT merchandise is this pin below, because Lisa designed it.
    There is nothing these ladies can’t do, they are so incredibly talented from making music, singing, photography, jumping out of planes, drifting, to making Brownies and much more.
    The MLT Club, I highly, highly, highly recommend it!!!. Since the MLT club, the only reason I go on the web is to enjoy all the content here.

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    • Jung Roe

      After 19 months at the Club, here are some more observations and what the experience has been like:

      For less than the cost of a monthly Netflix membership, the MLT Club is really an incredible value! I joined pretty much when the MLT Club was launched some 19 months ago, and they’ve just continued to add an endless on going supply and variety of superb content, that now I can spend hours in the MLT Club enjoying so much fabulous content: all their music, videos, VLOGs, fun and lively discussions at the forum, Ask the MLT sub forum where you get to interact directly with Mona and Lisa (my fave), do puzzles, discuss albums, see photo slideshows of every aspect of the MLT (live performances, in the studio shots, their trips etc), participate in giveaway contests, experience their photography magic, see their impressive artwork gallery, see fan artwork, listen to hours of radio interviews from the past and new ones as they do them, and the content just continues to grow as they add stuff every week or more. The exclusive Duo Sessions give you front row seats to intimate acoustic performances of their cover and original songs new, never before seen exclusive for the Club. You get to see Lisa’s master intricate guitar work up close, Mona multitasking (singing, guitar, blues harp, foot tapping all at the same time) like no other musician, passionate expressions as they sing. There are on-going releases of never before seen Cavern Club performances. You even get to experience what it is like to go on vacation with MLT on their various VLOGs or go running with them on a marathon mud run, or jump out of an airplane with them etc! Don’t miss out on the MLT experience as their music journey takes off! It is worth every penny or quid depending where you are and much, much more! It is an incredible fulfilling ride with Mona and Lisa at the helm.

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  6. Charles Pepper

    latest purchases playing the Beatles and More 2 and 3

    Charles Pepper (verified owner)

    quality work /find myself listening during day either by Pandora /or having You Tube playing in the background (loved the DVD of the making of the early videos )actually don’t get around to l playing the CDS much as basement is cluttered at the moment and my car plays cassette tapes , I don’t commute anymore so … anyway enclosed a photo of merchandise and related in music section of my basement / glad i discovered your videos online ” It was a good day on the planet” look forward to your future endeavors

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  7. One person found this helpful
    Frank DeGiacomo

    Mona and Lisa are gifts from God

    Frank DeGiacomo (verified owner)

    Mona and Lisa are incredibly talented musicians, singers, and beautiful young ladies inside and out. Their covers of Beatles and rock classics are so wonderful – musically impeccable, beautiful harmonies, and they are such amazing natural guitar players. Visually you can’t help but be fixated on them during performances – their sparkling eyes and the way they command the stage when they perform – even more, the way they are able to connect with their videos allowing their love of the music and their fans to come through. Perhaps even more amazing is the happiness that comes through in their original music – they are talents and performers for a new era.
    Thank you and God bless you, Mona and Lisa – you bring happiness and love and joy to everyone who sees you and listens to you. I’m looking forward to many more happy years being your biggest fan!

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  8. One person found this helpful
    Rick Ross


    Rick Ross (verified owner)

    This is Fabulous. You get a lot for your money. You can even ask a question of Mona and Lisa And you get an ANSWER. there is no other place I know of where you can do that.
    What a wonderful opportunity for you to be able to get access to MonaLisa Twins inside world. Videos, early access to projects, Behind the scenes access. No other group gives you this chance. Fan interaction as well. Thanks Ladies and Team MLT

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