5 Years of MLT Club Badge


Important: See more info in the tabs below

Pre-orders will run until November 15th. As soon as the pins go into production, we will let you know! Available for MLT Club members only.

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5 Years and going strong!

To commemorate the special milestone of the MLT Club turning 5 years old, we wanted to create something purely for the occasion. A physical representation of making it all the way to year 5 🙂

We decided on creating an enamel/metal badge that you can proudly wear to show that you are, in fact, an MLT Club member. There is something ceremonial and old-school about wearing a membership badge, don’t you think? We love it!

The design above is only a mock-up Lisa made so far but the finished badge should look very similar to it!

On the back of the badge, we plan to also engrave “5 years MLT Club” to mark the anniversary!

– We will collect pre-orders until November 15th

– The badges will go into production after November 15th

– Shipping will start at the beginning of January 2024

– We will keep the production quantity limited, based on the amount of pre-orders we get.

We want to point out that this isn’t an item for Christmas as it won’t be ready in time. We won’t combine it with any of the “The Duo Sessions II” pre-orders. But shipping will thankfully be very cheap as they are very small and light! They will come on a nice cardboard backer.

We kept the price margin very low – only to cover the production costs, as we mainly want this to be an item for you, not something we make money on. Your membership, your kindness and support, and your belief in what we do is your gift to us, and this badge is our gift to you 🙂

Please put in your pre-order if you wish to show off your membership. Once they have gone into production, we will keep you in the loop on how long production und shipping time will take exactly. Watch your Friday MLT Club Wires!

Hopefully we’ll get to make another one in 5 years’ time!

Thank you all for being here and for being so incredibly groovy ♥

Mona & Lisa

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