Please Vote Us To The Biggest Open-Air Festival In Europe: Donauinselfest 2012!

Rock The Island Contest for Donauinselfest 2012

We are taking part in the “Rock the Island” band contest for the famous Viennese “Donauinselfest 2012”.

For this purpose we have uploaded 3 songs of our new album “When We’re Together” (which you can listen to in full lenght there). This festival is Europe’s biggest open air, and the 4 winners get the chance to play a live concert at one of the largest stages, sponsored by Austria’s biggest radio/TV station!

What we now need is votes!

Each one of you can vote once a day for each of our songs, until May 24 2012. The 8 bands with the most user-votings will get rated by a jury. The 4 bands with the highest totals will then be invited to play on June 23 or 24 in front of thousands of people.

So please forward the following link to your relatives, friends, band-, club-, school-, study- and working colleagues and ask them to vote once a day for our 3 songs. We caught up a lot but we need to make it under the first 8 fast!/p>

With this link!stage/radio-wien_hitradio-oe3 in the section “Meistgewählte Bands” (most voted bands) you can always see the current rank. We currently are rank 10, so we have a realistic chance. But now it gets really tough and we still will need to stay within the first 8 until May 24.

How to register / login / vote:

In the upper left corner of the website, click where it says “Login/Registrieren” in the blue-green bar.
1) You can login with your Facebook Login, scroll down to the songs and vote for each one of them.
2) You can register with your e-mail address. Just click orange button “User registrieren” and fill in username and e-mail. Then check the small box “Teilnahmebedingungen” – which is terms of use and say “registrieren”). Then check your e-mails for the password, go back to “Login/Registrieren” at top of page, fill in your username/password and say “login”.

Scroll down to the 3 songs and press the “vote” buttons. You are allowed to vote once a day for each song. Then you are barred from voting for the next 24 hours. E.g. if you vote at 8:00 am today you can vote again from 8:01 am tomorrow. In order to not miss a day of voting, best is to have a fix time where you are usually on your computer. If you attempt to vote for a song more than once a day you’ll get the German message: “Du hast heute schon auf diesen Song gevotet.” which means you have already voted for this song today. Another note: This website is not the fastest, therefore it can take up to some minutes till you see your vote, but your vote does get counted!

We know it’s all German but we trust in your intuition to find the right buttons 🙂

We hate to tout like this but in such a voting system the “best” 8 bands will be the ones with the largest and busiest fanbase. Playing at this festival is one of the most effective ways for a newcomer band to get known in Vienna and across its borders at one stroke. Usually bigger things like radio, TV and more concerts would follow.

We have noticed happily that most people who listen to our music really get enthusiastic about it. So we need to reach a broader audience! Please help us with that and give us your daily votes so we can play the Donauinselfest 2012!

Thank you,
Mona & Lisa


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