The “ORANGE” Year – 2017 Recap

Happy New Year to all our groovy fans and friends around the world!

We put together a little video to look back on the last year – The “ORANGE Year”. 

2018 … Here’s to 12 fresh new months waiting to be filled with new stories and experiences – individual to each and everyone of us. 7.591.541.000 unique adventures waiting to unfold! 

Thank you for choosing to be part of ours and for gifting us with your time and ears. We will continue to try our best at making music and art that adds something valuable to your lives. That will give you the same feeling that we ourselves are looking for when listening to music. You know, THAT feeling. That thing that makes you feel alive! 

As always, we thank our families, friends and fans who share our vision and are helping us continuously in translating our ideas into the real world.

We/team MLT/the Wagner family wish you the very best and hope that you will find fulfilment and peace this year and every year.

And most importantly, never forget to stay groovy!


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