It’s Time To Release “One More Time” – New Video!

We’ve got a new music video for you – “One More Time”!

We are utterly proud to present you this new clip for “One more Time” earlier than expected!

This song was the first one we wrote for our album “When We’re Together” but the last one we recorded. We really wanted to go “back to the roots” with this tune and write an exciting Rock ‘n’ Roll that makes it hard to sit still while listening. For the video we tried to show the actual story of the song. The outcome was a kind of self-mocking, modern silent movie, something very different to everything else we’ve done so far.

We have already told you a bit about the actual video shoot in an earlier post. For everyone who was part of the project: Even if you ended up in the video for only a few seconds, after spending hours on the set, believe us, you are rocking every one of it! You all did a fantastic job! We are very delighted and hope you are too 🙂

A project of this magnitude wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many dedicated, nice people:

“Shamrock Pub” – the Irish tavern was our main setting. We want to thank Gerhard and Tina Krammer for providing us the location and the whole team for their hospitality and catering on the Mother’s Day Sunday. The food was excellent and we can always recommend a visit at the “Shamrock” 🙂

“Boogiehasen” – the Viennese Boogie danceclub was an essential help for making this video so fun and dynamic. Our thanks go out to Andreas Aigner & Elsa Koeck, who despite sickness and Mother’s Day, brought those great couples to the set! They also showed us some nice dance moves for the final scene 😉 Filiz Tremmel & Gregor Koeck, Brigitte & Peter Blaha and of course Andi & Elsa – you were wonderful!

Actors – Lukas Spinka (playing the male protagonist), a friend, former classmate and actor in training, who in our opinion did a fantastic job! Sascha Ortner (Mona’s dancing partner) helped us tremendously by styling all the male performers. This Pomade-quiff prof is always a joy on the set 😉

Furthermore we simply want to say THANK YOU to all the extras for their spirited performance in “One More Time”: Stefanie Hummer (waitress), Lina Eid, Nadine Hagmann, Tamás Künsztler, Aurica Jelinek, Benjamin Jelinek, Lorenz Hinterberger, Daniel Logar, Johann Redl, Mario Yukaew, Katja Vymyslicky, Pascal Sokal, Lukas Greber, Manuel Gaviria, Petra Unger, Alex Lechner, Jakob Dietrich, Michaela Wagner as well as Georg Siebert from a Viennese dance school.

Videoteam – concept and script by MonaLisa Twins as usual. While shooting the scenes our dad got help from David Prokop and Thomas Fuchs who also shot all the amazing photos!

Gerhard Gruen is the owner of the beautiful baby-blue Oldtimer Vespa you can see at the beginning of the video. We’re glad that he lent us the bike so willingly and spontaneously and even brought it to the shooting location!

Finally our biggest thank you goes to our parents Rudi and Michaela. Together we were able to successfully organize this exciting, fun, sometimes maybe a bit stressful shoot and create this video!

We are very, very curious to hear your thoughts about our new baby!

Tell us what you think and enjoy this wonderful day,
Mona & Lisa

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1 year ago

I don’t even have words to express my deepest admiration for you. Congratulating you is very little because you make my soul my heart smile every day. I am completely fascinated by The Beatles and you do it with perfection of detail in your interpretations. Thank you so much for existing. I am a Brazilian with a British heart and soul.

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Mona & Lisa