New Video – Once Upon A Time

"Once Opon A Time" ft. John Sebastian - New Video Out Now!

We celebrated being on this planet for a quarter of a century (our 25th birthday) with releasing this new video.

It's literally the best birthday present to ourselves because not many things make us happier than sharing our creative endeavours with those that fancy listening. This one being an original song "Once Upon A Time" off our album ORANGE.

We filmed this video during our trip to Lanzarote (The Canary Islands) with our family and "Papa Rudi" was doing all the filming. 

The song and video once again features our dear friend John Sebastian (from the Lovin' Spoonful) on the harmonica.

Remember his song Younger Generation? Especially his performance of it at Woodstock? Since "Once Upon A Time" also speaks about the value of generations working together, we think him playing on the song all ties in beautifully.

This is now the 3rd and final video we had filmed with John, but we want to say again how wonderful it was to work with him and have this project span generations. "Cause we've been told, that young and old can learn from each other ..." <3

Lots of love you all and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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7 days ago

Love this song and all your music! John Sebastian is great, loved all his music! I think he wrote the Welcome Back Kotter song for the TV series that started John Travolta’s career where he played a sweat hog! Anyway you young ladies are GREAT and it makes me so happy to see the younger generations listening and performing music from the greatest generations of blues, rock, pop music ever made.

Gregory Hicks
12 days ago

This video absolutely captures the Woodstock feeling. Your hippie look dazzles me. Young and old learning together is a keystone element to Family! Thank you Mona and Lisa for providing me with such a joyful outlet.

All the best from Florida. I’m thinking 🤔 you should perform for Disney EPCOT at the Germany Pavilion World Showcase. U and your family would rock the house in the outdoor amphitheater that overlooks the Water lagoon with fireworks 💥 every night. Beer 🍺 from Germany 🇩🇪 or UK 🇬🇧 or Champagne 🥂 from France. Saki from Japan 🇯🇵. Perfect 👌 fit for Mona & Lisa.

20 days ago

Wonderful performance, and a great idea to bring John Sebastian in. I was an early fan of the Spoonful. And later of his “Cheapo Cheapo Productions. Right now I just start getting into your music, Twins. Awesome, really…

John Holliday
John Holliday
1 month ago

Absolutely love this song and your wonderful harmonies. Great to see John Sebastian – I’m rooted in those times and love music from the psychedelic era. Thank you for adding your special splashes of colour to the covers that you do so faithfully, especially the Beatles numbers and other ’60’s stuff. Please keep ’em coming.

1 month ago

Bonjour à vous et merci pour ces magnifiques moments de partage qui rendent vos videos essentielles en ces temps troublés par une pandémie tristounette. Vos voix sont un bonheur.

stephen sutton
1 month ago

wonderful singing duo best harmony’s

stephen sutton
1 month ago

really nice song psychedelic 60s

Bill Hughes
1 month ago

Oh yes, the days of the 28 inch flares. Great times, great music and this one captures the mood brilliantly.

Reinhard Pientka
Reinhard Pientka
2 months ago

Sehr gut Ihr Beide !!!

Van Den Bergh
Van Den Bergh
2 months ago

Congratulations, Mona Lisa Twins ! You allow us to dive again in this “flower power” mood of the sixties, wich I discovered and loved since my teens through the music of Donovan (by the way, I like your Sunshine Superman live cover very much !). You share the joy of living, maybe the most efficient cure in those “dark” times. Thank you and hope to attend one of your live performance one of these days ! Philippe (from France)


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