New Video – Once Upon A Time

“Once Opon A Time” ft. John Sebastian – New Video Out Now!

We celebrated being on this planet for a quarter of a century (our 25th birthday) with releasing this new video.

It’s literally the best birthday present to ourselves because not many things make us happier than sharing our creative endeavours with those that fancy listening. This one being an original song “Once Upon A Time” off our album ORANGE.

We filmed this video during our trip to Lanzarote (The Canary Islands) with our family and “Papa Rudi” was doing all the filming.

The song and video once again features our dear friend John Sebastian (from the Lovin’ Spoonful) on the harmonica.

Remember his song Younger Generation? Especially his performance of it at Woodstock? Since “Once Upon A Time” also speaks about the value of generations working together, we think him playing on the song all ties in beautifully.

This is now the 3rd and final video we had filmed with John, but we want to say again how wonderful it was to work with him and have this project span generations. “Cause we’ve been told, that young and old can learn from each other …” <3

Lots of love you all and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Carol Grant
23 days ago

Only discovered these brilliant singers last week and enjoying their music and very clever lyrics immensely!
Thank You for sharing your lovely talents !
Carol G ( 70)

Johnnypee Parker
Reply to  Carol Grant
22 days ago

Hi Carol, Welcome. I love this song and this video is brilliant. Only a week? There is a lot to see here. Have you seen any of the behind the scenes videos? It’s truly amazing to see how they do everything themselves. Be sure and check out the Out & About section. Look for this Easter Egg: Lisa says in her best American accent,”there is nothing I am not good… Read more »

Daryl Jones
Reply to  Carol Grant
21 days ago

Welcome Carol! Yes, these two ladies are such a joy to see and hear. We are so fortunate to be able to benefit from their incredible talents.

Bud Jackson
2 months ago

Mona & Lisa,

This is one of my favorite original songs and videos of yours! Thank you! — Bud

Paul Ellis
2 months ago

What beautiful scenery! Great song! Great artists!

Ossie Richards
7 months ago

What a fantastic place to film and fantastic performance. This would have to be your best film clip yet. Thankyou :-))

8 months ago

a fantastic song and video just up my street ,what harmonies !

josep maria fernandez
josep maria fernandez
9 months ago

Is Lanzarote Island (Canary Islands) that show the video of this song?

10 months ago

I liked the music and the video !! Keep up the good work.All the things I’ve heard from you ladies is refreshing .

10 months ago

Two of the prettiest women I’ve seen in a long time. And so versatile musically and otherwise. I wish I was 30, maybe 40 years younger, I would woe them to the ends of the earth. I love them dearly and would love to get to know them better.

11 months ago

You were born in the wrong decade. You capture the essence of the 60s beautifully. Thank you for all the joy you spread. Blessings

Frode Bråtveit
Frode Bråtveit
11 months ago


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Mona & Lisa