New Video – Once Upon A Time

"Once Opon A Time" ft. John Sebastian - New Video Out Now!

We wanted to celebrate being on this planet for a quarter of a century today with releasing a new video.

It's literally the best birthday present to ourselves because not many things make us happier than sharing our creative endeavours with those that fancy listening. This one being an original song "Once Upon A Time" off our album ORANGE.

We filmed this video during our trip to Lanzarote (The Canary Islands) earlier this year with our family and "Papa Rudi" was doing all the filming. Which brings us to another reason why today is so special.

It's also Father's Day (at least in the UK)! If you are still lucky enough to have yours in your life, we hope you get a chance to let them know what they mean to you. Our dad will always be the #1 but you don't have to tell yours that 😉 Happy Father's Day to all dad's out there!

The song and video once again features our dear friend John Sebastian (from the Lovin' Spoonful) on the harmonica.

Remember his song Younger Generation? Especially his performance of it at Woodstock? Since "Once Upon A Time" also speaks about the value of generations working together, we think him playing on the song all ties in beautifully.

This is now the 3rd and final video we had filmed with John, but we want to say again how wonderful it was to work with him and have this project span generations. "Cause we've been told, that young and old can learn from each other ..." <3

Lots of love you all and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

  1. Mike 1 year ago

    Very Happy Birthday girls – hope it’s a great one!

  2. M Farlow 1 year ago

    This song is great played on vinyl with the volume cranked up to 11! It’s great to stop and listen to the tune and lyrics proper like. Even better to just ‘tune out’ and let the song flow over ya. 🙂

    I’m loving the video as it is so very well shot. I don’t even mind the lens flare affect as it is not overused as is often the case with many (so called) professional high budget movie makers. Presenting in a ‘wide’ aspect was, in this video, a stroke of genius. Very well done ‘Rudi

    Oh, yeah! what was that other thing I wanted to write? … ?

    Happy birth day girls. Have a good’n.

  3. David Costa 1 year ago

    Iove the entire album, but this is a standout. Happily birthelday to yoo both… <3

  4. Michael 1 year ago

    Happy Birthday Mona & Lisa! Love you songs. Tour the USA.

  5. Antonio 1 year ago

    Como sempre um belo trabalho dessas meninas. Parabéns!

    Google Translation:
    As always a beautiful job of these girls. Congratulations!

  6. Jerry Keats 1 year ago

    Happy Birthday girls. It is fantastic to see such young people like yourselves writing and singing such great songs. You are like a breath of fresh air. Keep it up

  7. Emilio 1 year ago

    Glad been from the times you are evoking here. As always, excellent piece of art. You have a fan in me. BTW I was a Lovin Spoonful fan in my younger years. Lots of blessings to you talented twins.

  8. Robert Blume 1 year ago

    Happy Birthday Mona & Lisa! As good as it’s all been so far, your best years of making music all ahead of you. You’ve got another winner here. Keep ’em coming. Seattle Bob

  9. Lon Levin 1 year ago


  10. Richard Boesger 1 year ago

    Absolutely love “Once Upon a Time” !!
    Huge fan of what you do, hope I get a chance to see you in the states sometime.
    Peace, Love & Rock-n-Roll

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