New P.O. Box Address

We’ve got a new P.O. Box address! 

MonaLisa Twins 
Initial Business Centre 
Building 7, Wilson Business Park 
Monsall Road 
M40 8WN 

Please don’t use the old one anymore (the one in Darlington) as that company shut down unexpectedly and without notification, and unfortunately some parcels have been returned to sender, to quote Elvis. We found a new company, and the address above is now up and running.

We know this only concerns a fraction of you but we wanted to officially update it here anyway, to avoid unnecessary parcel returns and shipping costs. If you have tried to send us a package or letter in the last month and we aren’t in touch with you already, please send us a quick message! We appreciate your presents and the love and thoughts you put into them, and also knowing that shipping fees can be quite pricey we are very sorry for any inconveniences caused by this!

Stay groovy,

Mona & Lisa



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Francis Chamness
6 years ago

Best music since The Beatles. Best harmonies, most creative music and videos, fan centered, not about how much money they can make, just trying to make music that moves something inside of you! And they do. Millions of fans will vouch for that. Join the party. They will be making music long after I am gone. And their music will be making fans even after they are gone.

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Mona & Lisa