Music and Pizza

MonaLisa Twins working on their debut album pizza

We just wanted to give you a quick update on what is going on at the moment.

As you might have already heard, we finished the recordings for our new album “When we’re together”.

It’s going to be a CD with 11 original songs and at the moment we’re still mixing them. Quite a tricky business!
It’s like you’ve got all the ingredients for a great meal. But now you have to find the perfect recipe for the “fine-tuning”. You pretty much know how it’s supposed to taste in the end but in order to get there you have to find the right spices and figure out the right cooking time etc. You can prepare a meal with the same basic ingredients in a 100 different ways and it will taste completely different each time.

When you eat pizza you wouldn’t want the dough, the tomatoes, the ham, the cheese and the spices served separately. One that’s shredded in a blender won’t make you happy either. Sorry for our rambling about food here, seems like we are just a little hungry. That makes us think about the guitar track as a piece of bacon … anyway, we are still working to make each song as tasty as possible.

Besides that, we’re spending the rest of the time working on the album layout (we’re shooting individual booklet fotos for every single song). A completely new website with a whole bunch of new features is also in the works
We know you don’t really see us doing much but believe us, we’re working like crazy behind the curtain which we will drop soon!
Again thanks for your patience, we’re now going to order some Pizza and certainly won’t blend it.

Mona & Lisa


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