MonaLisa Twins on Air While Chilling in Australia!

MonaLisa Twins in front of the Uluru in the Australian Outback

G’day mate how ‘ya doing? We’re on air today!

As you may know, we’re in Down Under at the moment but today we’re going to be on a show for an Austrian Radio Station! How that’s even possible? Last December “oe1 campus Schülerradio” (Pupil’s Radio) asked us if we wanted to do a radio show about our music.

Radio Ö1 Logo

We have worked on a school project together with that radio station where we got to know each other. We recorded a show and they said it’s gonna be on air on the 24th of January which is today. It’s in German, so sorry for all the English speakers out there.

Mona & Lisa


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