MonaLisa Twins live concert review in “NÖN” regional newspaper and online

MonaLisa Twins concert review in "NÖN"

“MonaLisa Twins celebrate success”

When it’s written in the papers it has to be true right? 🙂
Wittau concert, “Summerscene Festvial” Gaenserndorf, Annerlfest Rutzendorf – all complete. We are happy with this wonderful article and will surely continue to give our best! Thanks for the great concert review in “NÖN” a regional newspaper.

Mona & Lisa

MonaLisa Twins celebrate success
GIGS / After the successful MonaLisa Twins show in Wittau they played two more concerts at the Summerscene Gaenserndorf and the Annerlfest in Rutzendorf.
Gaenserndorf / The well known MonaLisa Twins and their band had another big success with their concert in Wittau. Great voices, excellent 60’s sound, groovy Backbeat and Rock ‘n’ Roll as well as an atmospheric light show fascinated more than 300 people from Vienna and the whole region of Marchfeld (part of Austria). The debut album of the delighted twins, “When We’re Together”, really caught on! People were happy to see them again last Saturday at the “Summerscene Festival” in Gaenserndorf and later that day for a midnight appearance at the Annerlfest in Rutzendorf.


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