Cenario II, With ZDF (One of the 2 Biggest German Television Companies)

MonaLisa Twins on stage during their Cenario II live show

That’s right! The German State Television company ZDF attended our Cenario II live concert in Vienna. Mrs. Inken Jakobi (ZDF) came all the way from Munich to Vienna to film some footage for a MonaLisa Twins video report in their “ML monalisa” magazine – although we are Austrians! (Yeah – This was a little hint to ORF – Austrian State Television, just in case someone is reading this 😉
Today morning we already filmed the first part of the video on the riverbanks of beautiful blue Danube. Together with the Viennese camera guys Ralph and Michael we will continue at our studio tomorrow.

Thanks to our wonderful audience…

… which we again could fascinate and which supported us so fantastically and also thanks to the pleasant and funny work with the filmteam we were able to expierience just another great weekend we won’t forget for a very long time! Of course we will tell you as soon as we know when the ZDF show is programmed to be broadcasted. And we will post the video here on our website and on Facebook so that you guys will be able to watch it.
Another great pleasure for us was that one of our American fans, Brad from Iowa – musician himself, organized his travels for Europe in a way that he was able to attend this live concert! It was great meeting you!
Life is beautiful!

See you on cloud 9,
Mona & Lisa


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