#3 – The Making Of ORANGE Artwork (MLT Club Exclusive)


We love to be able to be in touch with you directly. That’s the very reason why we created the MLT Club and why we decided to tell you more about it. It allows us to interact with our fans much more personally than through social media.

We are proud to have shared over 100 videos (and growing) on YouTube, accessible to everyone around the globe. One can literally watch hours of MLT music videos online for free.

But people kept asking us for a way to support our music beyond the odd CD and T-shirt to make sure we can keep producing more music and videos.

So yes, by joining the MLT Club you can help us keep this type of music alive, plan long-term and increase the quantity of our projects. 

In return we offer you our entire music library for streaming, early-access to new releases, exclusive content like live recordings, behind-the-scenes-footage, making-of videos, photo albums, international radio appearances and interviews, Q&A videos, fun polls and give-aways, we regularly answer Club members’ questions in a special “Ask MLT Forum” etc.

The MLT Club tells a chronological and comprehensive background story of how we started out, how we work as the two of us, as a family and in collaboration with other artists. It documents our successes, struggles and milestones.

In case you wondered, for example, how we created the album artwork for our second original album “ORANGE” (available on CD and Vinyl) we want to share with you the “Making-of Video”. The background song is track #4 ‘Close To You’.

Buckle up, it’s going to get messy!

Have fun and stay orange,

Mona & Lisa

PS: If you want to become a MLT Club member you can check out here:

Check Out The MLT Club

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