Mick Ronson Memorial Concert in Hull, UK

Last week we took a trip across the land to play in Hull. Steve Harley put together a show in memory of Mick Ronson to raise money for a foundation to help young people in the arts.

Ronson is best known for his work as a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist & arranger in David Bowie’s band “The Spiders From Mars”

But he also worked with the likes of Morrissey, Van Morrison, Ian Hunter, Bob Dylan and many more. He left behind a stunning amount of work before he passed away in 1993.

Steve Harley got together his and Mick’s mutual musical friends and put on this wonderful show. They raised money in Mick’s spirit to give to young students to further their musical education.

The stage was packed with fantastic musicians and it was an honour to be playing amongst them for such a great cause. We played some classic Bowie songs together with Mick Ronson’s daughter Lisa and sister Maggi. The “All for One” choir also joined us for a hauntingly beautiful version of “Sebastian” and we rocked the stage with guitar legend Earl Slick.We listened in awe to Steve Norman’s (Spandau Ballet) saxophone solos and of course enjoyed the heck out of playing Steve Harley’s songs together with his brilliant band! We also performed some of our own music, just the two of us, to a wonderful, appreciative crowd.

Biggest thanks to Steve Harley for letting us be part of this, to Mick’s family and everyone involved. Here’s a review from Steve’s diary (we got a nice mention too). It says that “£35,000 were raised for a Mick Ronson Music Scholarship for a Hull-based youngster to study Music or Sound Tech“. Isn’t that just wonderful? Thanks to all the lovely people who made that possible !

We don’t think anyone left the room without a smile or maybe even a cheeky little tear on their face.

Mona and Lisa

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Robin Edmonds
Robin Edmonds
1 year ago

Slaughter on 10th Avenue is possibly one of the best albums ever. Loved Mick’s solo stuff so much.

Reply to  Robin Edmonds
1 month ago

The first vinyl record I ever bought, and I still have it!

Tony Bates
1 year ago

Mick Ronson and his Hull based band (before Bowie) were great – “The Rats” and they went onto be The Spiders.
I think that Mick was eventually underrated by Bowie as without his input initially, who knows what might have happened?
An exceptional musician.

John Harrison
2 years ago

Lovely! Loved all of Mick’s work, especially with Ian Hunter! Wish I had been there!

Tony Bates
2 years ago

Mick Ronson started his life off in a band in Hull before being chosen by Bowie. A great musician, awe inspiring technique and all round nice guy.

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