Meeting the Zombies!

It’s the time of meeting 🙂 

When people ask us what our favourite bands are The Zombies are always amongst the very first that come to mind. When we went to see them at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London last week we were finally able to tell them in person just how big of an influence they have been on our music and how groovy we think they are. Because boy, are they groovy!

The whole band put on a fantastic show and we don’t think there was a person in that room that didn’t go to bed smiling and humming.

Go see them live if you get a chance and check their website for tour dates.

Stay groovy,
Mona and Lisa


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David Simister
7 months ago

Just love the music

Jeff Parsons
2 years ago

I guess you must have met them all! Tom Toomey is an exceptional guitarist and there all great people. Colin’s voice is amazing!

Michael Triba
3 years ago

How did you celebrate when you first heard The Zombies were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2019, when you first heard the news? Do you have any other bands you hope make the Class of 2020 or beyond? If a band is eligible in 25 years, does that mean you might be on the ballot in 2032?

micky ray
micky ray
4 years ago

love zombies too, played their songs since 1965

Rubber Soul
4 years ago

Wow great!! You together with The Zombies, what a band, one of the trendsetters of the 60’s! Colin Blunstone’s vocals on Old and Wise are a killer!!! Goosebumps!

Joe Powers
4 years ago

I recently watched a PBS concert from a few years ago on British artists from the 60’s and it was quite satisfying seeing so many of them still performing. I can’t remember all of them, but a few included Eric Burdon, Lulu, Petula Clark, Gerry & The Pacemakers….and yes, the Zombies were part of the show. I couldn’t believe how Colin Blunstone could still hit the original high notes in their hits with so much power! It was really an amazing thing to hear. So I can appreciate how you must have enjoyed hearing them in London.

The Zombies songs are perfect examples of what the 60’s sounded like and the spirit felt back then….especially with “Time of the Season” and “Tell Her No”. They also did a little known song back then that I always loved called “The Way I Feel Inside”. Give it a listen if you haven’t heard it. Sweetest little song ever.

Allen Martin
4 years ago

I’m not (quite) old enough to have been a first generation Zombies fan, but I have loved them for decades. They seem to be one of those bands that people have either never heard of or will list as a personal favorite. I know that I do… and I am delighted to hear that MLT do as well! 🙂

If I may take this opportunity to sneak in a plug…. if anyone reading this is NOT familiar with the Zombie’s recent ‘Still Got That Hunger’ album, please do yourself a favor and check it out… you will not be disappointed!

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