Meeting Donovan

MonaLisa Twins with Donovan

To get to see one of your big musical heroes live in concert is one thing. To be able to talk to them at length and have them sing “MonaLisa” by Nat King Cole to you and have them compliment you on your original music is a whole other thing.

After meeting Donovan at the Liverpool Beatles convention earlier this year he invited us to come and see him at his Liverpool show in the Philharmonic Hall yesterday. We met him after the concert and got to talk about many things from Geodesic Domes to the British music business. He was lovely as can be and it was a truly special evening.

We have very fond memories of us singing his song “Mellow Yellow” with our Dad when we were about four years old. We didn’t speak English yet so we would make up our own German version which we still know by heart. It was about wearing socks that were too big because we would put Dad’s huge socks on our 4 year old feet and dance around the bedroom while singing. His music hasn’t left our lives ever since.

Thanks for your time, Donovan, we’ll see you soon!
Mona & Lisa

Photo: (c) James Rookard

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Julie Rose
Julie Rose
1 year ago

Please do a version of The Weight (by The Band).

Augie Taylor
3 years ago

Good god, I’m learning to love them.

Chris Coffey
Chris Coffey
4 years ago

Great Music. Do You Sell Your Music in the United States? n San Antonio, Texas?

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Mona & Lisa