“Lola” is turning 50 – New Kinks Cover

Hello everyone

Today The Kinks' hit song "Lola" is turning 50 years old, and the Davies brothers have declared it #LolaDay today.

Ray Davies and his girlfriend Karen invited us to record our own cover version if this iconic song. OF COURSE, we were on board, how could we not? We love this song, we love The Kinks, we love this album.

There is something so unorthodox, unapologetic and poetically blunt about The Kinks' music. The predecessor to punk. Untamed yet melodic, introspective, witty and observational in the most creative, captivating way. Nothing gives you a more vivid picture of parts of British culture than diving into a Kinks album. Their song "Waterloo Sunset" in our opinion is one of the most beautiful songs EVER written. We love these guys.

We hope we did this song proud and that you enjoy our take on this absolute classic. Please leave a comment underneath the video (on YouTube or on our website post) and share your thoughts with us.

Also don't forget to check out The Kinks' social media channels like Facebook and Twitter today and join the #LolaDay celebrations!

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We also did another exclusive Kinks cover for the MLT Club: A Duo Session version of "Tired Of Waiting", another one of our favourite Kinks tunes!

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We hope that wherever you are, you, your family, friends and community are doing well. With so much unfolding and changing at the same time, we really hope that we will all come out of this on the better side ... more united, more knowledgeable, more compassionate and stronger.

Music has gotten us through the best but also the worst of times. We hope we can add some tunes to your life's soundtrack, whatever your own story and battles may look like. Thanks for allowing us to be with you ♥

Take care and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

  1. John Murphy 2 months ago

    Where can I purchase the song Lola? You ladies are awesome and your version rocks!

  2. Roberto Carlos Brigliadori 3 months ago

    Adorei o estilo destas irmãs!
    Virei fã incondicional!
    Elas são maravilhosamente sensacionais e únicas!!!

  3. Deirdre Sutherland 3 months ago

    I love the genres you have chosen. I grew up with this generation of music and whilst I love the raw raunchiness of early Links, I am enjoying your refreshing new take.

  4. Rick Twomey 3 months ago

    I love that Papa Rudi joined in on this video…I mean you know with a classic like Lola everybody wants part of the action…LOL…Good to see you Rudi !!

  5. Bill Isenberg 3 months ago

    The coolest thing about Video’s from the Mona Lisa Twins? How well done they are. What ever the song is, you ladies do it right, outfits, background, showing the cords your playing on the guitars, etc…which is great so i can learn to play these songs, but these video’s are first class and you make it fun to watch and on this video Lola, which i have been playing a lot since you released it, i am clapping right along with you both and the energy is awesome! I got such a good feeling watching you ladies play your music. Thank you so much!!

  6. Norm Siegel 3 months ago

    I truly love ya guys! Here, ion the US, there is a plethora of “cover bands” that can stick to arrangements and produce sounds that are equal to are BETTER than the originals. Here is one of the best, Foxes and Fossils, presenting Linda Rondstadt’s version of I Can’t Let Go. LAte 60’s-early 70’s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-EpGKXmoe4

    The band consists of the following: Toby Remart on guitar, Tim Purcell on keys, guitrar and vocals, Sammy Purcell, vocals and Tim’s Daugther, Johnny Pike on drums, Maggie Adams on vocals, and Scott King on bass and vocals. They have almost 100 videos on YouTube. Perhaps I whosuld also include their very first video, so you can see where they came from and their growth. I love them and their music as much as I love you ladies!


    Peace, Love and music from the US to you”!

  7. Robert Bieniek 3 months ago


  8. Michael Rife 3 months ago

    There are two urban legends about this song that have been floating around and no one is “fessin’ up” to it. One story goes that one of the roadies for the Kinks bumped into Lola while on tour. The second story is that Ray bumped into Lola while on the road. One or the other or neither could be true. It has long been one of my favorite songs because it was the background music for something at the time. Also, the Kinks falls right behind the Beatles as my favorite English group. Mike.

  9. Paula Moore 3 months ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. Great vocals. Tired of waiting also was one of my favourites. Reminds me when I used to fancy a young man in them days and that song always use to get played . Good memories comes with it.

    • Thomas Randall 3 months ago

      One of my other old Kinks favorites is “Sunny Afternoon”. I’d love to hear the girls do that one!

  10. James Toy 3 months ago

    I like your version even better than the original. As another comment mentioned you sing the lyrics so clearly I can make out every word.

    I’m not sure I should bring this up, because maybe it’s the lighting, but Lisa looks a little thin in this video. Are you getting enough to eat under quarantine? Sorry, but I worry about these things.

  11. Thomas Byrnes 3 months ago

    Robert Catesby
    Excellent and fun! You’ve done it again!

  12. J Guilherme 3 months ago

    I just loved this version. Is more than a cover…with your touch of joy and fun this emblematic song sounds great!
    Ladies, your marvelous musical work is pure inspiration. Thank you very much for this!

  13. Jipé 3 months ago

    What a nice idea. My daughter Lola, i let you guess where her name comes from, will be so happy. And what a lovely cover, one more time. What about covering “Southern man”

  14. Bernd Fässlacher 3 months ago

    Dear Mona & Lisa !
    What a great MLT video LOLA.
    Together with Rudi you’re a big band with six instruments, and your voices!
    And in the end … Mona is a chinese drummer girl 🙂

    I like all the songs you’re playing and singing, great videos!

    Keep rockin’!

    • Greg Dent 3 months ago

      Aha! Did you count the tambourine?

      • Bernd Fässlacher 3 months ago

        Oh sorry!
        Yeah, Mona’s tambourine, of course.
        Okay: 7 instruments

  15. Rudy 3 months ago

    Brilliant female update of the most iconic Kinks song available. 50 years…gee I,m getting old..

  16. Steve 3 months ago

    Once again you’ve taken a classic and given it a fresh lease of life loving it

  17. Al Hawkins 3 months ago

    What I love about your videos are that as much work as must go into the performance, when you feel it’s ready to be viewed, that all the work and preparation is totally left behind and you perform with a joy and exuberance that makes you stand out among the best the music industry has to offer.

  18. Arthur Robillard 3 months ago

    Glad I can finally see this. I’ve been unable to get into the site for a week.

  19. Scott Bayne 3 months ago

    I have to say that ‘You Really Got Me’ with this cover!! Bloody Well Done Lassies! (I cant get over how good your Dad looks; why does he not age but I do?) Lola is 50? Yikes! Thanks for shining your always very cool light on Ray and Dave once more!

  20. Al Marks 3 months ago

    You ladies never cease to amaze me. after 55 years in the music business and work with countless artists I can say with all certainty that your fan base will continue to grow.Wonderful take on a great song

  21. Jeffrey Carpenter 3 months ago

    This song did nothing for my productivity today. Must have listened to it 25 -30 times and watched it at least 20 of those times. The rendition alone is fantastic but the video? If your not smiling or laughing at the end – you might want to check your pulse. Bravo

  22. Al Marks 3 months ago

    You ladies never cease to impress me with your talents. After 55 years in the music industry and after working with many many artists I can say without a doubt that you are truly a gift to the music world. I would love to hear your take on Waterloo Sunset which I agree is a magnificent song.

  23. Peter Grant 3 months ago


  24. Ken Martinez 3 months ago

    you are the best I love what you are doing with the music i listened to back in the day I am 63 thank you so much of all the great sounds

  25. Jay Coder 3 months ago

    M-O-N-A Mona, L-I-S-A Lisa!!! One of your best covers…fun to make, fun to watch and great to listen to! Mona and Lisa, looked like you were having a good time, and even Dad was in on the fun. Loved the variety of instruments (always enjoy Mona on drums) and, as always, the wonderful Mona Lisa harmony.

  26. Dale Harris 3 months ago

    Absolutely nothing like what I envisioned when I was listening to the audio earlier….and it’s awe-inspiring. There’s an attitude of fun with just the tiniest bit of edge that shows through. And Lisa wears orange really well, even when it’s not running down from the top of her head.

  27. Nicholas Wagner III 3 months ago

    Brilliant! Thank you for the wonderful music you both produce. Please think about doing Waterloo Sunset. God Bless both of you : )

  28. Greg Dent 3 months ago

    Whoa! The swagger! The duds! The dad! The customary perfection! You make me believe this is your own true story, which would be quite a stunt. And, Lisa! Lisa! Could this be the most fun you’ve ever had in a video? Maybe it’s the electric jacket.

  29. Johnnypee Parker 3 months ago

    Thank for getting the Kinks out of Lola
    This is awesome. I don’t want to admit this, but you cleared up a couple lines for me. Lola is a great song-a-long for a crowd. It’s easy to sing along and skip parts when singing along with the crowd.

    Lisa and Mona have such clear enunciation, I hear new things in these old songs all the time.

    So here goes, I always sang,”at the top of her voice she said Lola”
    This might be one of the only songs I have never looked at the lyrics.
    I usually drive myself nuts when I can’t make out a lyric. Flashback to pre-internet days when we would have crazy discussion/fights over lyrics. I remember how awesome it was when I got home with a new album, tear off the cellophane and discovered lyrics printed on the album cover or the sleeve. Yes!

    So thanks for getting the Kinks out of Lola. M-O-N-A Mona

    I think there might be one more line I misheard.
    One more time!

    • Was it the “dark brown voice” phrase. I’m prepared to admit that for 50 years, I have mis-heard that in a way which required a mumble and included “boys” instead of “voice”.

      • Johnnypee Parker 3 months ago

        Hi, yes that is the one. I am sorry for not references exactly what I was referring to.
        I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said, “Lola”
        I always thought that was “at the top of her voice she said Lola”. So funny, the correct one sounds better and makes a little more sense.

    • I can’t even tell you what I thought the line “under electric candle light” was!

  30. Paul Bishop 3 months ago

    that is a very hard kinks song to sing but you ladies nailed it!

  31. Clive YouTube/CNDoz 3 months ago

    So so good girlz……………..
    In my 1960s Mod days I parked my scoot outside the Worthing Assembly Rooms and wandered in and enjoyed The Kinks doing this great live gig. This was 6 years before Lola in 1964 but You Really Got me !!!!!!

  32. Frank De Giacomo 3 months ago

    The video production is fantastic! The audio song is great but so much better with the video. Kudos to Papa for another amazing production and some awesome bass and keyboard work.. The truth is I could watch Lisa play guitar and watch Mona play the drums all day every day. The joy you bring to your music is contagious and you get more beautiful every day!

  33. Mark Mazuroski 3 months ago

    Just listened to Lola. I’ve got to say that was GREAT.Congratulations!

  34. Nigel 3 months ago

    By coincidence I had just been listening to a Kinks CD in my car and in my view you have been very faithful to the original. Many great Kinks songs to choose from. How about Autumn Almanac or Days?

  35. David Costa 3 months ago

    As always, you’re dead on musically. I love the new Fender (we’re all wondering what it is) and someone has a new hair style going on, and it’s beautiful. 🙂

  36. Stephen Krogh 3 months ago

    New outfits, new electric uke, but same dedication to total PERFECTION. You have rocked this baby off its foundation and launched it into the cosmos! You have never looked more gorgeous, sounded more awesome, or conveyed more fun! A new pinnacle of Groovy!

  37. I’m really intrigued by the little Fender 4 string instrument. My current best guess is a tenor uke. But I googled “Fender solid body tenor electric ukulele” and couldn’t find anything that looked quite like a match. Someone commented Mandocaster” on YouTube, but it’s about 4 strings shy of that picnic. Whaazat?

    • David Costa 3 months ago

      Odd. It looks like an Eastwood Mandostang with a Fender headstock. All of the Fender mandos are hollow body.

    • Lisa 3 months ago

      It’s a … “Mando-Strat”, a 4-string e-mandolin 🙂 They built “Mandocasters” in the 50ies and 60ies and this is the remake they brought back some years ago. But I think they already stopped producing them since. It’s a quirky little thing!

  38. Jim Yahr 3 months ago

    l’ve always liked this this tune and you’ve given me on more reason to put it back on my play list. A wonderful effort and I love Mona taking the lead vocal, her voice fits it well. Thank you for another great effort.

  39. I loved the audio version but I LOVE the video version! One of my favorite things is to see performers who really love and enjoy what they’re doing (the singers in Foreigners “I Want to Know What Love is” for example) and you girls had so much fun! I can’t stop smiling!

  40. Robert Fendt 3 months ago

    Magnificent MLT cannot fall to amaze. Brilliant cover for the Lola 50th birthday. Love it 👌😘

  41. Mike Mac Kenna 3 months ago

    First time I actually listened to the lyrics. You did a great job of performing it with the usual tremendous picking.

  42. Derek Harkess 3 months ago

    Fantastic version girls. Great fun video too.

  43. Nilson Vieira Diniz 3 months ago

    Girls I follow your musical trajectories since your first chords and see how they evolved and became great musicians. I really love your work and I’m always looking forward to new videos. You guys are awesome. : Mona’s new hair look was cool! Kisses!

  44. Billy club 3 months ago

    Im usually, na not even going to check it out. I did check it out and was impressed. Very good cover! You did the song justice

  45. Mark Raum 3 months ago

    What a nice way to wake up and hear such a wonderful performance by the MLT’s and dad.
    Thank you
    and stay safe

  46. Phillip Payne 3 months ago

    Great song. You did it wonderful justice. I’m very proud of you girls. It brought back many memories of good times. THANKS

  47. Terry Griffin 3 months ago

    I’ve been a big fan of The Kinks for a long time and a fan of the Mom’s Lisa Twins for a while. I love your music and your dedication to real musicality. Keep up the outstanding work!

  48. Jerry Chamness 3 months ago

    And, you look like you are having so much fun! I watched the video first thing this morning. What a way to start my day! I feel better and more upbeat, I’ll be singing your version of Lola in my head all day! (And strangely, it sounds better in my head than when it comes out of my mouth.)
    Not the case with you. Your harmonies are awesome, and your guitar playing’s so tight!
    🙃 💛❤

  49. Richard Glueck 3 months ago

    I am constantly awed by your musical versatility and spot-on harmonies. May I add my delight at hearing Mona take a distinctive vocal lead in this song and Lisa making the harmonic addition? Papa Wagner is a wonderful addition as mixer and bassist, and I commend him for keeping his fingerprint in the background. I have formed a great affection for both of you and love to listen to your vocal interpretations of beloved rock and roll.
    Stay well, safe, and above all, “groovy”!

  50. Thomas Randall 3 months ago

    Man that was SO awesome! I had a feeling papa Rudi would be on bass! Ray & Dave just HAVE to love this version! Also, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY ladies! The big 26 is coming!

  51. Kathryn Vanorsdale 3 months ago

    You two knocked it out of the park. Fantastic. Loved it.❤👏

  52. Philip Clover 3 months ago

    My last comments were for LOLA – doubting myself as to whether I applied it to the Lola thread… duh me!

  53. Brian St. August 3 months ago

    Beautiful job, Girls. Mona does a terrific lead and Lisa is amazing on the Stratocaster. This was an enjoyable song by the Kinks, but not one of my favs, but Monalisa Twins gave it new life for me.

  54. Tom Westley 3 months ago

    Absolutely awesome. Just as good, if not better than the original. Got to ask though, what is that small strat type thing played at the start of the video and what are the strings tuned to? Quite fancy making one.

  55. Mike 3 months ago

    Brilliant ! Love it !

  56. Paul Lutfy 3 months ago

    The Kinks are really underrated for a band with so many awesome songs (and social conscientiousness). Not only is it great you covered one of their tunes it was also an exceptional cover. Plus it looked like you had so much fun making the video. You girls never fail to produce brilliant material. Thanks.

  57. Jerry Chamness 3 months ago

    Fantastic video. I love it. You all were awesome! Mona, percussion, guitar and vocals were all so good. And Lisa, electric ukulele, guitar and vocals were spot on. Papa Rudi, bass, keyboard and mixing (with input from the girls, I’m sure.) Michaela, lights, action, cameras, recording… you all have to be the most talented family ever!
    The whole production is amazing! So, cool and Definitely Groovy! 💙❤💛❤

  58. Rick Ross 3 months ago

    How do you even begin after that Song?!
    To be asked by the man himself Ray Davies is incredible itself, then to make this song your own while slaying it, just adds to your Legacy Ladies.
    The World Famous MonaLisa Twins Harmonies have never sounded better!
    You all are already recongnized for your perfection and Tight Sisterly Harmonies, but when you take it to this level, it just blows you away, and makes your heart burst with pride.
    Do I like it? NO
    I LOVE IT!
    Thanks Ladies and Team MLT💛❤

  59. Sandra 3 months ago

    Das ist Geil
    Das waren Zeiten

  60. Thomas Nottingham 3 months ago

    As I was “there” during the ’60s and 70’s your covers of the old rock classics are a real fillip for me. Hope to see you girls live someday.

    I can’t manage a guiitar now, but I do play the Uke. How do you find the solid electric Frender? Having played daccoustics for soo long, when i tried a solid, the balance felt wrong.

  61. Michael Schuhmacher 3 months ago

    Super! Bin hin und weg! Mona, Lisa, Rudolf: eine wunderschöne “GuteLauneMusik”!!! Genau richtig in diesen betrüblichen Zeiten.
    Jetzt schnapp ich mir eine meiner Gitarren und spiel (und gröhl) mit!!!!!!!

  62. Gerry 3 months ago

    Great version.. well done girls.. and Rudi

  63. Johnnypee Parker 3 months ago

    M-O-N-A Mona! TGIF thanks for providing an energetic start to our Friday! This one’s a keeper!

  64. Kevin 3 months ago

    Great job!!

  65. Mike S... 3 months ago

    Kinks..In my opinion..the best British Invasion group that ever entered a studio..The album..Kinks Greatest Hits on Reprise Lable was and continues to be on my regular playlist..just simple genius..

  66. Catherine Williams 3 months ago

    Fantastic cover ladies, i turn 59 next month, my mum always had the radio on so i love the music of this era, ‘The Kinks’ were brilliant, Waterloo Sunset is a beautiful song always makes me happy / sad and longing for those gentler times.

  67. Jim 3 months ago

    Great version. I’m old enough to still have the Kinks’ original!

  68. Vincent Karschnia 3 months ago

    Excellent rendition of an All time classic song . Happy #Lola Day!

  69. Stephen Stenson 3 months ago

    Nice to hear this great song again & brilliantly performed by the MonaLisa Twins. x

  70. DrB 3 months ago

    Never disappointed, I am so glad I found you guys! Great recording!

  71. Jessica Vendetti 3 months ago

    I love this so much!

  72. Patrick Gibbs 3 months ago

    Love to hear Waterloo sunset

  73. Mike Johnston 3 months ago

    So much going on in this video, girls. Fantastic!! The Kinks are my all time favourite band (I think I have everything they ever recorded in one form or another) and you more than do this tune justice!! More, more, more 👏👏

  74. Cliff Rogers 3 months ago

    Hi girls you looked as if you really enjoyed that video and so you should BRILLIANT 😘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  75. Anthony Muckelt 3 months ago

    This is a great song and what a fabulous version

  76. Alan Parker 3 months ago

    What a brilliant way to start the day, and how amazing to be asked by one of the icons of music to be asked to record one of his songs. You must have all been thrilled and well deserved. Please keep doing what you do. X

  77. Nigel Wills 3 months ago

    One word. Brilliant!

  78. James Sharp 3 months ago

    Love your covers of Lola, You Really Got Me & Tired of Waiting

  79. Robert Fendt 3 months ago

    Brilliant 50th Lola Birthday tribute MLT. Fabulous video of a really stunning cover version. Love it.

  80. Roger Penn 3 months ago

    Every time I think I couldn’t possibly love you two any more than I already do, you blow me away yet again and I just sit here entranced and speechless watching and listening over and over again. I can’t even find the words.

  81. Paul Mitchell 3 months ago

    Hi, Mona and Lisa,
    WOW! I have just listened to your version of “Lola” by the Kinks, and really love your version. Just as good as the original, and I remember hearing that when it was released back in the 60’s. It’s been covered by several different artists, i believe, but yours is the best cover version I’ve heard in a long time. I did like the original as well.
    You two girls have got “TALENT” written over you.
    Keep rockin’
    Paul Mitchell xx

  82. Ronald Ferreira 3 months ago

    beautiful girls now thats what i call live they can really play the instruments

  83. Harry Sokal 3 months ago

    Hey there just great ! – knock on my door when you back in Franzensdorf – Hugs Harry

  84. Chris 3 months ago

    Another blisteringly excellent cover – well done girls!

  85. Jung Roe 3 months ago

    I remember hearing Lola for the first time on the radio in the 70s, and it’s one of those greats that you can’t get out of your head when you hear it. No one on earth could do this song justice like you do! That is why Ray Davies asked you to honor their iconic song for it’s 50 year birthday by doing your version of it for the world. With every new song and video, you just keep impressing the hell out of us all! Brilliant joy!

  86. Guido 3 months ago

    Siete semplicemente straordinarie, grandi musiciste, con un gusto musicale davvero unico, vi adoro. E poi … sorridete sempre e si capisce che vi divertite tantissimo a fare musica. Un abbraccio grande da Milano

  87. Jacki Hopper 3 months ago

    Holy Frikkin Cow….Do I LUV this version…Hell Yeah…!? You betcha….KickAss Stelkar Kudos , on taking this and accelerating the the MLTBuzzGroovifiedWorthy Magic on this, and PapaRudi on bass/piano, Mona in Marvelous Wears , Funky Fab Hair, Vocals,drums and percussion bliss, Lisa in her Vivid Wears , Guitar and Vocals glory….All around top notch delivery, sound, look, instrumentation, vocals….WooHoo, WellDone, Sharing the YT link…darn tooting, I’m going to…Now, to try and calm down enough to go to sleep…after seeing/listening…lol…Thankyou and Ray and Karen, you’ve done them proud#50YrsLolaKinksRoxnRolls💜😎🎸🥁🎙🎤🎹

  88. Keith Lindsay 3 months ago

    Love it. Happy Lola Day!

  89. Chris Cantor 3 months ago

    The Kinks in their time were such a radical departure form traditional pop/rock music. I agree with your praise of “Waterloo Sunset.” Their diversity was amazing; their first hit “You Really Got Me” was sort of the beginning of heavy metal (not so heavy by today’s standards). “Dead End Street” was about the delights of being poor and unemployed – as if you could make a song out of that; and “Death of a Clown,” penned by younger brother Dave, was A Gothic song. Later, instead of pursuing easy fortunes by continuing their run of predictably regular hits they pursued a less popular very English musical style they were keen on, eg “The Village Green Preservation Society.” Good on them.

  90. Darryl Boyd 3 months ago

    Fantastic. Great to see the Strat getting a run.
    This song could go on forever with the sing along, much like Hey Jude.

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