Little Drummer Boy – New Video!

Purum Pum Pum Pum …

This year’s Christmas cover is really special to us, even more so now that both Bing Crosby and David Bowie are gone whose bittersweet and hauntingly beautiful version we leaned on when recording our cover of “Little Drummer Boy”.

We hope you enjoy our rendition and would love to hear what you think in the comments.

Now that it’s December we think it’s fair to say that the Holiday season has officially begun. Personally, we love it! Sure, there are many, possibly valid things to be cynical about when it comes to the whole Festive Season, maybe starting with the fact that we saw the first Christmas jumpers in the shop windows the day after Halloween 😉 But all in all we still look forward to December every year. Family, music, hot chocolate and cosy jumpers are always a plus in our books 🙂

If you’re an MLT Club member don’t forget to open the first window of the Advent Calendar we’ve prepared. 

Much love to everyone and whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not, have a groovy December!  

Mona & Lisa

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Ademir Manzato
5 years ago

I wrote a few days ago that this song is not one of my favourite Christmas song. Well, I think I’ve changed my mind. I am singing or whistling this song all the time. Mostly the “Peace on Earth” part.

Tom Holmes
5 years ago

Thanks Mona and Lisa, this is a lovely cover. I am sure both Bowie and Crosby would approve.

Gary Britten
5 years ago

I love your Christmas songs. Will you be making a Christmas cd ? .

Gary Britten
5 years ago

Thank you Thank you for the little drummer boy video it was awesome.Have a merry Christmas to the whole family

Meloman Staruszek
5 years ago

WOW … WOW … WOW !!! Unbelievable good! I’m totally inspired! Congratulation ladies!

David Holmes
5 years ago

Love the new hairstyle Mona, and of course the song

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