Introducing The MLT Club

In recent years we have seen an uprising of crowdfunding platforms, fan-funded music projects and donation sites. Kickstarter, Pledgemusic, Patreon, the list goes on.

Although we never really warmed up to these formats, we’ve always been toying with the idea of creating our own special place in the world wide web to give fans a more in-depth look into our lives, projects & music and to stay in touch easier.

People also kept asking about how to best support us on this musical journey. So we decided to combine both and try and create our own version – something that would make the “community” experience even more special. We set up our very own membership space …

… Right here, on our website! 🙂

That’s a lot of news in one go but please feel free to have a look around the website and check out all the new things!

It feels like we are heading into one of the most exciting chapters of our lives yet and are insanely grateful for everyone who wants to join and accompany us on this ride! Love you all loads ♥

Stay groovy,Mona & Lisa

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Michael Triba
5 years ago

On Face Booking I have seen several invitations to become a Patreon of Patron (or do I have that backwards?) Anyway, you have come up with a better and more creative (of course) way to raise capital. I ALMOST entirely shut down FB and even had a month-long “Goodbye Goodwill Tour.” (Ask Jerry, Ricky, Itso, Gert, Peter, and Carol CPH, and they will verify that!) But I decided at the… Read more »

Jacki Hopper
5 years ago

Oh My…You both had me laughing and full attention here with all the funky quirky animation – sound effects…The PURPLE CHICKEN…( Hope not meant to represent me …lol )…Being a visual person to grasp things better as opposed to just talking and no visuals to help along….I found this both educational and entertaining…If both of you were teachers…Would I ever excel in your class…I’d but learn from the BEST VISUAL… Read more »

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