Happy New Year! New Video – Imagine (John Lennon Cover)

2019 - We really liked you. 

Personally, and musically speaking. Thank you for the opportunities and challenges, the inspirations and discoveries. Thank you for connecting us with so many new people, and for, all in all, allowing us to move things in a better direction. 

We'll spare you a lengthy end-of-year review but want to bring you a little song ...

While turning on the news each day makes you want to pull out your hair and the nuttiness of the world hasn't slowed down, we more than ever appreciate the things that are going right in our lives. Our family, friends, this beautiful community, the support of like-minded people, our health, the opportunities to learn and grow and the power of music that brings it all together. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent us Christmas cards, messages, thoughts, gifts even, listened to or bought our music, joined the MLT Club, told a friend about us, made our songs part of their day or simply let us entertain them by doing what we do. We are glad we're able to create things and we are glad you want to listen.

Imagine 2020 turning into a year we’ll all be able to look back on fondly ...

Onto another 12 crazy months!

Thanks for coming along for the ride,

Mona & Lisa

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Sue Blanchard

So sorry I missed your 20% off sale in January. I have to keep my eyes open, and my ears, of course.

Robert Johnston

One of the best days in my life ,musically speaking , was finding you quite by accident on Youtube. This is just another example of how talented you both are. Keep up the good work. Will look forward to your covers and especially the new wonderful original songs.


Thank you so much, girls! Happy New Year and Marry Christmas! The best job!

David Zamora

I Love You Girls ! You Are EXTREMELY Creative, Talented and Iconically Distinct & Unique !!!

Please Keep Making Music !!!

David Zamora
Edinburg Texas

🌠🌠🌠 ♥️♥️♥️ 🇺🇸 !


I plugged in my bass and played along with this song today...pure bliss! Thank you, Ladies and Bright Blessings for you in 2020!


Love you girls, happy new year.


I "Imagine" you will continue to do great music in 2020. Doug - Loose Change Music


Awesome cover

Marjie Parsons

I love your version of Imagine!


Thanks for such a lovely song sung by two lovely girls. Now, more than ever, this peace of profound message is more than necessary

Michael Manriquez

Best Wishes For A Happy & Safe New Year! Hopefully in 2020 we can over come barriers so we can all live as one.

Rusty Edwards

Thank you so much. This was incredibly beautiful. I rarely cry, but the way you shared Imagine brought tears to my eyes. Happy 2020. Namaste.


Happy New Year to all. In the spirit of John Lennon's masterpiece, Imagine, that MLT so beautifully gifted to us all this holiday season, here is a message from John Lennon in a rare interview 50 years ago exactly. His message about peace being everyone's responsibility and not just the world leaders and politicians resonate as strongly today as 50 years ago. I think a very fitting message to start a new decade.

Gert Just Jensen

Had i known Lennon was only 30 miles from where i was living, i would have jumped on a bus. He



Dennis Norton

Happy New year !!

Jota Hermógenes

Happy New Year!. 🙂

Patrick Blackburn

HAPPY NEW YEARS to the 2 most Beautiful and Beautiful sounding when it comes to great music

Ron Guercio

Great job on a great song!


! Amazing! Brilliant! Thank you from Canada for this wonderful feeling I get listening to you. Memories of my youth xo

Phillip R Vierke

Beautiful as ever. The fantastic thing that you do over and above the great harmonies and playing on covers is that you never ever lose the integrity of the original songs. "Re-imagining" and changing classics would be a travesty to my ears. You young ladies never put a foot wrong and I thank you for it. Have a wonderful and exciting new year and decade.

Vincent Karschnia

Happy New Year! To another year full of Beautiful Wonderful Music! Happy New Year Everyone!

Stan Creamer

Happy New Year girls. Thanks for all the wonderful music thru the years and look forward to many more. Take care, from the USA. ✌️


Can’t think of a better or more appropriate song to welcome in the new decade, if only it could actually come true and happen

And what an incredible version too, absolutely love this


Beautiful rendition. Thank you for sharing your amazing interpretations of these older tunes as well as your creativity in writing new songs.
Hopefully a tour of the United States is in the works. Would live to hear you live. (Maybe I need to plan a trip to Europe)


Vielen Dank, da habt ihr uns eine wunderschöne Version des Songs geschenkt.
Ein wunderschönes neues Jahr.

michael schuhmacher

Hallo Horst!
Wie schön, mal von einem anderen MLTler in deutsch zu lesen!
Ich bin der Michael aus München und würde mich freuen, anderen MLT-Freunden Kontakt zu haben.
Lass doch mal was von Dir "hören" unter [email protected]

Jim Williams

Glad to be here for a new year 😎




Well done --- Great version-- love all your music.
Happy new year hope to see you again
Gerry. (From Dublin) xx

Mike Grimshaw

Beautiful. Your harmonies are sublime and your voices have that tingle factor.

It‘s a Ralf Teuchert

It‘s a beautifull song

Richard McGlenn

Sweet version of the Lennon classic. Stripped down to the bare bones and then putting your harmonies on top is the icing on the cake. Looking forward to what you two can put together in 2020 for all your old and soon to be new fans. Best wishes for all the Wagner family as this new year and decade makes it's start. Hoping you will get the new album finished in the first half of the year and then consider hitting the road and dazzling your audience with all the new songs and classic covers from the 60s. I think it's time to get out there and perform live again.

michael schuhmacher

Was für eine schöne Art das neue Jahr zu beginnen! Ich mach mir eine Tasse Kaffee, schalt den PC ein, und was bzw.wen find ich?: Euch beide mit diesem so schönen Lied! Ich hab mir gleich eine Gitarre geschnappt und freudetrunken mitgeklampft. Ich hab Imagine zwar immer auf G-dur gespielt, aber egal, so geht's ja auch.
Inzwischen ist der Kaffee kalt geworden, aber das ist ja wurscht! Was für eine schöne Art, ein neues Jahr zu beginnen!!!!

Pamela Medrek

hi monalisatwins soon in a little more a half hour well be ringing in the new year 2020. got your e-mail thanks good to hear from you sitting here reading your e-mail and as my family has been in the music industry and immigrated fromEurope Austria poland ireland im enjoying singing some songs


Imagine that. Happy New Year ladies.....


It takes truly remarkable genius to take a classic like Imagine and cover it like you did Mona and Lisa with the same beautifully moving finesse as John Lennon did it himself. The singing and the harmony were absolutely stunning, and the guitar arrangements brilliant. Love it!

Michael Jones

Thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful video for all your fans as 2019 comes to a close and 2020 begins a new decade. Your choice of "Imagine" as the song to end one decade and open another - is as perfect as your harmonies. I love this stripped down version featuring just you two with acoustic guitars... playing and singing together as only you amazing twin sisters can. Best wishes for you and all your loved ones in the coming new year.

Btw... I listened to the interview in which you said that you do not particularly care for much of the Beatles' solo songs (that their solo songs are generally less appealing than what they did together as a group). And while I can agree that is generally true... I think that when you listen to their solo material grouped together - it makes for a pretty decent "Beatles" type album. Here is an example for you just from their 1970 songs:

Maybe I'm Amazed (PM)
Instant Karma! (JL)
My Sweet Lord (GH)
Every Night (PM)
Love (JL)
I'd Have You Any Time (GH)
Junk (PM)
Isolation (JL)
Isn't It A Pity (GH)
Oo You (PM)
What Is Life (GH)
Working Class Hero (JL)

And here's another from just their 1971 songs:
Too Many People (PM)
Oh My Love (JL)
Beware of Darkness (GH)
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (PM)
Jealous Guy (JL)
Deep Blue (GH)
It Don't Come Easy (RS)
Smile Away (PM)
It's So Hard (JL)
Bangla Desh (GH)
Another Day (PM)
All Things Must Pass (GH)
Imagine (JL)

There are a lot of pretty great songs among their solo material. I hope you give some of that stuff another listen - because I think you may find some of it very worthwhile.

Thomas Sprick

What a beautiful way to end 2019 and start 2020 as we wait for the Times Square ball to drop here in the U.S. Thanks for all the good vibes in 2019 and can't wait to see what 2020 holds for both of you! All our love! L&T




Another great cover from a great duo. I've enjoyed all of them and the originals too. Can't wait to see what you will do in 2020. Have a healthy and happy new year.

Thomas zizzo

I loved it but then I love everything you guys sing I think you two are the best definitely my favorite.


Beautiful! I wish you girls would come to Australia sometime....


Love you gals! Continue the beautiful music in the 2020s!

Bob Galella

Beautiful cover of a great song. Thank yoy for sharing and Happy New Year to you both. Keep the music coming.


Yet again a truly wonderful inspiring classic cover off The Iconic Legend JWL who shines on Like the Moon The Stars & The Sun 🕊
Shine on Mona Lisa Twins ✌🏻
Have a fantastic 20/20 🌈🦄

Randall West

An amazing song from MLT!, Harmonies that sounds like angels singing! What a great way to start the new year! Best Wishes and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Steve Dunning

What a great cover and to "imagine" its nearly 50 years old! As always the harmonies are playing are spot on. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wishes for the New Year. All the best from Adelaide.

Jacki Hopper

Perfectly summed up... Kudos and in full agreement.... May 2020 be embarked upon with continued Inspiration, Postivity, Peace, Love, Harmony, Awesome opportunities, decent health, etc.... May the MLTBuzzGroovy Force continue to be and be shared throughout the world and as a fave lyric in 'Imagine' states.. "And that someday, you'll join us, and the world will be a better one"... Indeed... A festive fab song to celebrate the old and new.... To recognize and reflect of 2019 but welcome what 2020 will eminate of which.... Thinking Only Good Thoughts and if anything not arises, try to find the good from it and persevere onwards because making a difference begins with open mind and change, learn, grow, Postive Conquers All😁


wonderful , thank you , happy new year


Awesome harmony and playing thanks for sharing your talent with us
God Bless Yall. HVAGDUN

Brian St. August

Being a child of the 60's, a hippie, but a Vietnam era veteran, John Lennon's songs were true inspiration to me. The way Mona and Lisa sing this song brings tears of reflection to my eyes and hope to my heart. Thank you, MonaLisa Twins for helping me keep the faith in tomorrow.

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