If I Needed Someone ft. Mike Massé – New Video

This is long overdue …

Five years ago, our musician friend Mike Massé stopped by in Liverpool for his UK tour. We played a few songs together at the Epstein Theatre … remember our rendition of Africa?

Our favourite part about his visit was that we also got to film a music video together for the Beatles classic “If I Needed Someone.”

We were excited to share it on YouTube, but … turns out we did too good of a job, and the algorithm mistook us for the Fab Four themselves! 😄

YouTube banned the video straight away, thinking we uploaded the original Beatles version. Unfortunately, there was no good way to appeal the issue, so we ended up only posting the video to Facebook at the time.

Just out of curiosity, we tried uploading the video again today. Lo and behold, it went through! It is still wrongly identified as the original Beatles song, meaning no ad revenue for us, but at least it did not get taken down this time!

So now, 5 years later, please enjoy our version of “If I Needed Someone” 🙂

While you’re at it, check out Mike’s YouTube Channel and Website for more amazing tunes!

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1 day ago

Just thought that I’d post this nice version of the song which I recently found on YouTube:

Frank De Giacomo
10 days ago

So let me get this straight – Mona does George on 12 string Ricky, Ringo on drums and tambourine, and I believe she is doing Paul’s highest harmony – Lisa is doing Paul’s bass, making it look effortless, and John’s harmony; just amazingly talented and beautiful. I know this is heresy but I’d rather watch Mona play drums than watch Ringo. Ringo is the GOAT drummer, but I could watch… Read more »

Tim Hilton
14 days ago

I meant to put that last question on the most current post.

Tim Hilton
14 days ago

This is changing the subject… Mona and Lisa’s YouTube version of Day Tripper they have a very talented young lady, playing the tambourine at the Cavern Club! But the version Siri plays…. I swear the tambourine part is being played with the symbols. They are both live. Maybe you musical experts can straighten me out on that? 🤔🤓

Gareth Smith
15 days ago

Absolutely brilliant, covering a Beatles number can be difficult, you make them all sound as good as the originals.

Perry Villanueva
17 days ago

Very groovy!

Walter Music
17 days ago

Hi Everyone, I can see why they thought it was the original, the harmonies are right on, beautiful, Mike Massee has some lungs as Mona and Lisa.

Stay Groovy!!!!

Richard Cook
17 days ago

Beautiful harmonies.

I’m looking forward to Because sung in harmony with Rudi ……. please, please, please 🙂

Richard Cook
Reply to  Cooky
15 days ago

Or to say it another way …. “Please, please me, oh yeh ….”

Don Butler
21 days ago

What a perfect blend!

21 days ago

Excellent work!!! Great version! Congrats!

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