Here, There And Everywhere – New Beatles Cover Video

Good Sunday, everybody!

Is there a more beautiful love song than "Here, There And Everywhere"?

It captures the feeling of romance and love like nothing else in less than 3 minutes. How did Lennon/McCartney manage to do that time and time again? 

We could call it "one of our favourite Beatles songs ever", but we have probably said this about every Beatles cover we ever posted. But it's true 😉

Whenever we start working on a new Beatles track we can't help but appreciate their music on an even deeper level.

We now share our take on it with you and hope it will add some joy to your day. 

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Every time I watch this video again and again, I'm just blown away by the beauty of your version of this Beatles classic. Everything from the singing, to the instrumentation, to the way the video captures your expressions close up is magically beautiful.


Just discovered your music last week after seeing your cover posted on Facebook and it’s very beautifully sung. Hope to see you tour the USA at some point.

David (Michigan, United States of America)

Mario Curtis

The video is, as usual, wonderful and fab. Without asking I am getting subtitles as you sing and they are nothing like the actual words. Is this a YouTube thing, or are my settings wrong?


Those are auto-generated subtitles, created by some supposedly smart YouTube AI. We just turned them on to see what you mean, it's actually pretty funny! 😉


Hi Mona & Lisa, Honestly, as when I saw both of you on YouTube a couple of months ago I'm really impressed by the way both of you sing and handled the guitars. I've never seen a girl band that is so creative. One thing for sure is that if I ever go over to Liverpool I wish to see both of you perform. I love the Beatles. Thank You, MonaLisa Twins.

Patrick Blackburn

I agree the beatles know how to make music worth listening to and monalisa twins take there music to a whole new level of greatness following in there footsteps

Donald b Hanks

I think you girls are absolutely amazing, have you written any songs yourselfs? I do a bit of song writing and if you would like me to send some on to you and have a look at, your more than welcome to email me, your copy versions are just brilliant, I just love you 2 women, many thanks. Sh.

Christomir Rackov

@Donald Hanks They are great songwriters, and they have 2 full albums of brilliant original music, in '60s retro style 🙂 You can see the full track lists, and easily listen to audio samples of all 22 songs, right here, on this website - just click "Music" in the main menu above here and scroll down that page to find the two original albums - "When We're Together (11 tracks, 2012)" and "ORANGE (12 tracks, 2017)". And, obviously, if you like them, you could go to "Store" (again, from the main menu), and buy the CDs or the digital versions 🙂


soothing and refreshing vs. todays crap

Armand Castro

So beautiful......Thank you


Great cover girls! You always do such a great job with the Beatles’ material - great job!

wilson roberto marganelli

Me perdoem por mais uma vez me reportar a vocês na minha língua natal o português, pois apesar de saber me comunicar em inglês, sinto que para expressar a gama de sentimentos que brota em mim toda vez ouço vocês só é possível faze-lo em português. Here There And Everywhere não é uma das musicas de amor mais lindas dos Beatles, é uma das mais lindas do mundo e vocês a deixaram mais linda ainda. Parabéns por mais esse cover, que assim como todos os que vocês fazem é brilhante.

Google Translate:
Forgive me once again to report to you in my native language Portuguese, because despite knowing how to communicate in English, I feel that to express the range of feelings that springs in me every time I hear you can only do it in Portuguese . Here There And Everywhere is not one of the Beatles most beautiful love songs, it is one of the most beautiful in the world and you have made it even more beautiful. Congratulations on this cover, which just like everyone you do is brilliant.

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