Here, There And Everywhere – New Beatles Cover Video

Good Sunday, everybody! 

Is there a more beautiful love song than "Here, There And Everywhere"?

It captures the feeling of romance and love like nothing else in less than 3 minutes. How did Lennon/McCartney manage to do that time and time again? 

We could call it "one of our favourite Beatles songs ever", but we have probably said this about every Beatles cover we ever posted. But it's true 😉

Whenever we start working on a new Beatles track we can't help but appreciate their music on an even deeper level.

We now share our take on it with you and hope it will add some joy to your day. 

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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The holidays have become tougher for me lately. I have been divorced for 3 years. I have brain cancer.
Your music makes life seem a little bit better. Thank you for that.
Feliz Navidad and be good to yourselves.


The holidays are a tough time for me. I was divorced 3 years ago, because of my brain cancer.
I can't blame my ex though. It has been a hard road and recently my tumor started to grow again,
making the holidays a bit harder.
I love your music and have you on my playlist. There is some calmness with your voices.
Merry Christmas and I hope 2020 will be an incredible year.


I love your upbeat classic hits music! Very well done. Greetings from California

Frank De Giacomo

The Beatles’ producer George Martin has Celine Dion perform this cover on his tribute album. While Celine’s version is excellent, I think Mr. Martin would prefer MLTs version - beautifully brilliant!


Absolutely beautiful. The music. And everything else.




Very good cover... And besides I learned to play the piano on it ... Thanks !!

John Hecker


Mr. J.C.A. Patterson

I love these girls and what they do to Beatles' songs.
This is a very beautiful version of a great song.
Well done Mona and Lisa. Keep making great music.

Michael Rife

I have an odd history with this song......for some reason I did not buy Revolver when it was released. I don't know why I didn't buy it but for some reason the 14 year old me just didn't buy it. I bought everything else but not Revolver......go figure. But, for years I heard snippets of the melody of Here, There, and Everywhere and could not figure out what song it was. Finally I bought Revolver and heard the song.....then I realized what song belonged to the haunting melody I had been hearing all those years. And it turns out it is probably the best love song by the Beatles (well...….maybe tied with Something)….written by Paul at Aunt Mimi's place as he was waiting for John to wake the rumor goes. Mike.


this is typical an all McCartney number..


Every time I watch this video again and again, I'm just blown away by the beauty of your version of this Beatles classic. Everything from the singing, to the instrumentation, to the way the video captures your expressions close up is magically beautiful.


Just discovered your music last week after seeing your cover posted on Facebook and it’s very beautifully sung. Hope to see you tour the USA at some point.

David (Michigan, United States of America)

Mario Curtis

The video is, as usual, wonderful and fab. Without asking I am getting subtitles as you sing and they are nothing like the actual words. Is this a YouTube thing, or are my settings wrong?


Those are auto-generated subtitles, created by some supposedly smart YouTube AI. We just turned them on to see what you mean, it's actually pretty funny! 😉


Hi Mona & Lisa, Honestly, as when I saw both of you on YouTube a couple of months ago I'm really impressed by the way both of you sing and handled the guitars. I've never seen a girl band that is so creative. One thing for sure is that if I ever go over to Liverpool I wish to see both of you perform. I love the Beatles. Thank You, MonaLisa Twins.

Patrick Blackburn

I agree the beatles know how to make music worth listening to and monalisa twins take there music to a whole new level of greatness following in there footsteps

Donald b Hanks

I think you girls are absolutely amazing, have you written any songs yourselfs? I do a bit of song writing and if you would like me to send some on to you and have a look at, your more than welcome to email me, your copy versions are just brilliant, I just love you 2 women, many thanks. Sh.

Christomir Rackov

@Donald Hanks They are great songwriters, and they have 2 full albums of brilliant original music, in '60s retro style 🙂 You can see the full track lists, and easily listen to audio samples of all 22 songs, right here, on this website - just click "Music" in the main menu above here and scroll down that page to find the two original albums - "When We're Together (11 tracks, 2012)" and "ORANGE (12 tracks, 2017)". And, obviously, if you like them, you could go to "Store" (again, from the main menu), and buy the CDs or the digital versions 🙂


soothing and refreshing vs. todays crap

Armand Castro

So beautiful......Thank you


Great cover girls! You always do such a great job with the Beatles’ material - great job!

wilson roberto marganelli

Me perdoem por mais uma vez me reportar a vocês na minha língua natal o português, pois apesar de saber me comunicar em inglês, sinto que para expressar a gama de sentimentos que brota em mim toda vez ouço vocês só é possível faze-lo em português. Here There And Everywhere não é uma das musicas de amor mais lindas dos Beatles, é uma das mais lindas do mundo e vocês a deixaram mais linda ainda. Parabéns por mais esse cover, que assim como todos os que vocês fazem é brilhante.

Google Translate:
Forgive me once again to report to you in my native language Portuguese, because despite knowing how to communicate in English, I feel that to express the range of feelings that springs in me every time I hear you can only do it in Portuguese . Here There And Everywhere is not one of the Beatles most beautiful love songs, it is one of the most beautiful in the world and you have made it even more beautiful. Congratulations on this cover, which just like everyone you do is brilliant.

wilson roberto marganelli

Sem palavras pra descrever a gama de emoções que senti ao ouvir vocês cantando esse cover dessa que sem sombra de dúvidas, é uma das cancões de amor mais lindas não só dos Beatles, mas de todos os tempos. Parabéns e obrigado mais uma vez por manterem a boa música "KICK AND ALIVE".

Google Translate:

No words to describe the range of emotions I felt as I listened to you singing this cover that is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful love songs not only of the Beatles, but of all time. Congratulations and thanks again for keeping up the good song “KICK AND ALIVE”.


I often comment, online and to friends and family, how wonderful I find the music of MLT. I love the covers and the originals. It pleases me so much that I never get disapointed by any 'new release' from MLT.

I have to write, girls, that I find this cover amazing. The arrangement on the whole is so solid! A powerful song sang so beautifully with such a dreamy quality reminiscent of the feeling (dare I put it) one might get when in the hold of that wonderful emotion we call love.

Keep up the great work and stay groovey.

Robert Blume

What a beautiful music souffle! And the flute returns. I loved it. Thank you for this.

Michael Schuhamcher

Paul McCartney 1966 didn't know, but we all know now: he wrote this song for Mona & Lisa!!!!



Peer Fischer

A wonderful cover-version. I shed tears of joy - thank you so much.
Greetings from Cologne / Germany

Ciaran Berry

Your voices are a perfect blend and you bring beautiful harmonies to all your songs. This track is a favourite of mine and I enjoy all your Beatles covers which bring me back to those great days over 50 years ago. Please keep up the great work you are doing. 🎼

Mario Curtis

This arrived about a minute after the engagement news from son Owen and Katie, at Lake Tahoe and there were tears in my eyes again. I am very happy!

Dave Gardiner

Very exquisite version of the Beatles'chestnut! Keep it going, girls!

Jacki Hopper

Truly you have stellar fabbed this with such exquisiteness and caliber that summons perfection in a way that only MLT can produce of/for while expressing both their unique flair essences but maintaining the original essences of integrity all intertwined so profoundly crafted, Thankyou, Smiles by me were had.... Poetical notions of inspueation stirred within my mind... 😁

Stephen Clark

Ladies. Your melodies and harmonies were spot on, and you gave the song such a warm feel. Just like chestnuts roasting over an open fire in a candlelit room. Thank you for being such devoted Beatles fans.


You don’t have any idea of how I enjoy listening to your Beatles songs!!! Thank you qqq

Robert Beall

Love your harmonies being sisters is great but twins. Too much !! plus talent and good looks keep it going

Scott Gravel

That was the song my wife and I chose for our wedding song 33 years ago. My wife, and that song, are just as beautiful today as it was then. You girls are awesome, keep them coming. Peace & love.

Josh Sunshine

Both of you have given the respect the Beatles deserve. You are both blessed with incredible talent and THANK YOU for sharing it with the world . You have made the world a better place with your music.

Joe Williams

Good stuff...great version

Kerry Edwards

Superb as usual! Keep them coming girls.

Gary Bonacker

This will be my last time. Your cover on a lovely Beatles song was so wonderful.
I have brain cancer and to hear your voices harmonies helps me in ways that are hard to explain.
I play the piano and music is a big part of my life.
Cancer is an expensive malady, but you don't get a choice in the hand you were drawn.
Thank you again for being who you are.
Be well,
Gary B.

Gary Bonacker

Thank you for a lovely cover of a great Beatles song. I have brain cancer. This is something that helps me so much. I play the piano, so music is so important to me and has been all of my life. Your harmonies make my heart pound so softly. If I was to find a malady, it would not be cancer, but it was the hand I was drawn. Thanks again and I wish you the best success.
Be well.
Gary B.


We are deeply touched by your message. Everyone here, our parents Rudi & Michaela, Lisa and I are terribly sorry to learn about your struggles with cancer and wish you strength and perseverance. To know that our music can help in these times is beautiful to hear and speaks to the power of melody and harmony. Lots of love.

Richard Glueck

I have adored your singing and instrumental skills since you first appeared on Youtube. When you sing something as inspired as this, you warm my heart. Your fans love you, and cherish your music.


I'm a life long Beatles fan , you girls never fail to do their songs justice .

Dennis Grover


Tom Killeen

Exceptional as always!
Please concentrate on your original material. Your original work is fabulous and deserves your full attention.
Love you girls!!


Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes and lump in my throat. Always been one of my faves and we use to do this song 35 years ago in a pro band I was in back then.
Cheers girls!

Douglas Kirk

What a great tribute to a truly great song. Beautiful job here, fantastic video, spot on vocals. Live life be free.


From my point of view this is the most beautiful song of the Beatles .


Paul usually says this is his favourite song.

Steve Brown

Absolutely perfect. Sheer ecstasy , one of the Beatles most accomplished songs. You did it proud, ladies. I wrote to you earlier this year inviting you to explore Revolver because of the wealth of tracks it offers. Obviously you didn’t need my advice to go there! Will you ever tour in France? I live near Lyon which has a great number of 60s followers!

Steve Brown

Absolutely perfect! I had written to you earlier this year I think to suggest that you progress your magnificent repertoire to include tracks off Revolver, probably the Beatles most original and unique album ever. Keep up the songs ! When are you playing in France?

Bruce Stevenson

I have always loved this song - you did it beautifully, as you do everything!


Love your version of this song. You young ladies are truly truly amazing.

Brian Cosgrove

This was our wedding song , 38 years later and we are still together,you ladies did a great job as usual, keep up the good work, hope you will come to America (Michigan) sometime, hope all is well.



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