Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – New Christmas Video

Our Christmas Video is here …
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

You can buy real fir trees and their fake companions everywhere now, high budget tear-jerking adverts are back, and it’s blasting Christmas music everywhere. The holidays are near!

We hope you are having a peaceful and jolly December and can tackle whatever life throws at you with more love and lightness 🙂

Enjoy our little contribution to this year’s celebrations and let’s make this holiday season magical!

Stay groovy,
Mona and Lisa
PS: This also happens to be the 100th video on our YouTube channel!

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Richard McGlenn
4 years ago

Well who knew you could make this Christmas standard so groovy? I did. It’s so Baby Mine, it’s scary.

4 years ago

Love it! Great harmonies.

Michael Blankenheim
4 years ago

Just chilling on a Saturday, contemplating the final Christmas shopping outing, when I came upon this vid. “God Only Knows,” performed with a gentle, poetic beauty. The are truly amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdqMB1GEQAM&index=67&list=UUWK_fTtt5p1nBw__P_V_qBw

Peter Whyte
4 years ago

Perfection is the only way I can describe what Mona and Lisa do,and this fabulous 60’s Rock n Roll interpretation of the original Christmas classic by Judy Garland (1944 – Meet me in St.Louis) is no exception,this is Christmas personified by MLT,and should be on every playlist across the globe at this time of the year,this really puts you in that Christmas mood…I love it.

Deleted User
Deleted User
4 years ago


Richard Ross
4 years ago

How often is an arrangement better than the original? The MonaLisa Twins have done just that. Actually this song could be retitled to Have Yourself A Merry Little Mona and Lisa Christmas .
A 60’s Rock and Roll beat that has become an INSTANT
CLASSIC. Mona and Lisa show off their silly sides. Mona with her Candy Canes playing the drums, then giving in to temptation and eating them! Lisa on the other hand plays her guitar as flawlessly as ever and dances about, takes Mona’s hat, covers Mona’s eyes while she is playing and they both show their exuberance for the Christmas season.
The Twins give of themselves all year to all their joyous fans the world over, yet they keep thanking us. When we should be THANKING THEM . The ladies give that one gift that no one no matter how they try will ever give to them. That of themselves.
Before I forget this song was THE MONALISA TWINS 100TH VIDEO!!!. OUTSTANDING LADIES!!

Ed Brown
4 years ago

I cannot agree more with Michaels’s statement below where this song and video are a perfect representation of what Mona and Lisa are and represent – fun and good cheer! It is moving to see how happy they are and the enthusiasm of the performance puts you into a perfect holiday spirit. They never fail to lift you to a higher plateau after watching them than you were before. Very well done! 🙂

Ed Brown
4 years ago

One of the great ways to show one’s talent in the world of music is when making the attempt to cover an already established song and make it your own. Not only do Mona and Lisa have the amazing ability to do that with every cover but with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” they have soared past the other existing versions and created a new classic. From the opening notes, you feel the Christmas spirit flow through you and as in everything they create you feel happy and this case quite Merry. I love the contrast between last year’s song (Wonderful Christmastime) which was also spectacular and the rocking and rolling selection for this year. The harmonies are outstanding as always and the musicianship flawless. Merry Christmas girls and thank you again for brightening our season! 🙂

Michael Blankenheim
4 years ago

As fellow MonaLisa Twins-phile Rick Ross noted earlier, the Mona & Lisa 2017 Christmas video is their 100th YouTube vid—and oh what a video it is! “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is sung and played to a slightly speeded up rock and roll beat, while still showing great respect to the meaning of the words. The guitar playing is amazing, and Lisa isn’t afraid to show off her silly side when she plays the drums with candy canes. And check out the vid at 2:26—Mona & Lisa hold a note together longer than I’ve ever heard them do so before in a vid. Powerful, meaningful yet still fun and a tad wacky—it is not my place to define who the Monalisa Twins are, but that is how this video moves me.

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