Gig at Hennessey’s in Laguna Beach Tomorrow

MonaLisa Twins live at Hennessey's at Laguna Beach

Finally we’re in California and once again it is just amazing here.

We’ve already made some friends who also do music, and played together at their “Independence Day Party” which was lovely. Tomorrow we’ll play at the Hennessey’s Tavern in Laguna Beach at 8:00pm and we’d love you all to come.
The address is 213 Ocean Avenue and it is a really nice pub with good music. Thanks to John for organising us that gig. He will play there too, together with Mike Vitale. These guys are great – check them out!

And on the 11th (the day after) we’ll play at the Sol Grill restaurant in Newport Beach at 8:00 pm where we played already last year. The address is 110 McFadden Place. You’re all very welcome to stop by.
At the end of this week we will start to shoot some footage for the California related music videos that we are planning to make during our stay. Wish us luck!

See ya,
Mona & Lisa


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3 years ago

Magic voices and perfect performing skills. The only thing that remained a mystery to me: which model of the guitar on the left in this picture? It would be very grateful if anyone could tell me the brand of this guitar

Lisa Wagner
Reply to  Alexander
3 years ago

That was a pretty poor 335 Gibson style copy 🙂 I believe the brand was called “Santander”. It was one of the first guitars we owned but we never used it on any records.

Reply to  Lisa Wagner
3 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to answer! And thanks for your music!

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