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What do you get in exchange for your donations?

If you would like to see new music and videos more frequently and support us on this crazy adventure, then please consider making a donation. Or even better, subscribe to a recurring donation. Even small recurring donations can amount to a game-changing contribution if enough people do it. They will allow us to better predict our finances and plan future projects more efficiently.

As much as we’d love to make music and new videos all day long and post them on YouTube for free (like we have done for over 10 years), there is this thing called reality that requires bills to be paid and projects to be funded. Where are the unicorns and talking squirrels when you need them?

So far, the amazing support of some very generous individuals, you groovy people buying our CDs, as well as a good amount of savings allowed us to be able to produce and share so much of our work for free. If we can help it, we don’t want to stop doing that. Being able to share our music, videos and creations online with people all over the world brings us and so many other people immense joy.

But we need to find a way of making it more sustainable and predictable. While your store purchases and you joining the MLT Club are fantastic contributions, by making a donation of your choosing you can actively help us to keep this kind of music alive.

Thank you to all of you who have done so in the past and thus helped us grow and develop our music. We still feel like we’ve only just started. Together, let’s take things to the next level.

Stay groovy!

Love you lots,
Mona & Lisa

Project Budget Estimates

– 1 Original Music Video (est. costs £5,000)

– 1 Christmas Song/Video (est. costs £2,000)

– New Cover Song/Video (est. costs £1,000 – £3,000)

– Cover Album (est. costs £17,000)

– Original Album (est. costs £25,000)

How Much Does A Music Video Cost? 

If you google “How much does a music video cost” the first thing that greets you is an insider article stating that “The total cost to produce a professional music video can range from $20,000 to $50,000 and up. There are a handful of music videos each year in the seven-figure budget range”. Just about every following article talks about similar numbers.

Well, we have good news. We normally manage to keep the budget a lot tighter than that. One of the main reasons is because we do nearly all the planning, scripting, costumes/props, filming, directing, special effects, editing, and colour grading ourselves. So yeah, we guess if you actually took our working hours, the equipment and computer programs we had to buy and the hours we invested into learning how to make videos into consideration you would get numbers that high. But leaving all that aside here are our average expenses of the typical MonaLisa Twins video production:

Venue hire: £100 – 500
Travels: £100 – 400
Equipment Hire (Instruments, Filming, Lights etc.): £250 – 2000
Wardrobe & Props: £200 – 600
Actors & Extras: £200 – 1500
Musicians’ Compensation: £200 – 400
Additional Film Crew: £500 – 2000
Food & Drinks: £250
Editing Software: £50/month

All in all expenses: £1850 – 7700

Of course, there is wiggle room both ways. A video filmed in our living room is going to cost less than a shoot that involves a crew of 50 extras. So far, a budget of £5000 has proven to be very workable for us in most situations. 

What Your Donation Will Accomplish

The most important benefit of having a bigger budget is getting faster and more efficient with our workflow. Of course also the quality would improve but we are already obsessed with that, so getting more done in the same time is always our main concern 🙂

Simple things like not having the budget to rent a special place or additional people, actors, assistants or crew can sometimes make things a lot more complicated, limit creative execution and slow down our workflow by a lot. So what we want to say is that your donation will get you more MLT music and videos in a shorter amount of time.

The same goes for our original music. Creating music without having to think about or work on the next income is a lot more productive, so your donations will help us turn out more music and albums and shorten the time between new releases. Thus you’ll be securing a steady stream of MLT music and keeping this kind of music alive for many years to come 🙂

Donation Information

In the form below you can customise your donation to your liking. If you decide to make a recurring payment later and would want or need to cancel it or change the amount, you can do so at any time. If you have any specific questions that you don’t find an answer to here, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Here are some of the options:

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