Count On Me – New Video

No matter how many turns a river makes …

This song was initially written and recorded for our album ORANGE. It being a very “acoustic-y” song to begin with, it was the perfect candidate for a Duo Session. 

It’s about the thing that fundamentally keeps us going. The feeling of hope and meaning we derive from being there for one another, from helping each other for some sort of greater purpose. It’s about believing in life, believing in people, believing in yourself and in the journey you are on. Believing in the fact that things will work out.

Because as John Lennon once said: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

We hope you enjoy this acoustic version of “Count On Me” and send you all much love! ♥

Mona & Lisa

More Original Music

As you might know we are currently working on our next original album. We have pre-released 6 singles off it over at the MLT Club already and just added the most recent single last week.

If you would like to support further progress on the album while hearing some of the music in advance we warmly welcome you to join the MLT Club, our very own subscription fan club that enables us to keep following our vision and journey.

We also just uploaded a 14-minute song “Behind-The-Scenes” video to our single Questionable so all members get an exclusive look behind the scenes … or green screen, rather 😉

Maybe we’ll see you there, you can find more info here.

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William Merritt
1 year ago

Breathless. So beautiful.

Hermann Fleischhauer
1 year ago

Great performance, sweet MLT.????

Kristi & Neill Moore-Thompson
1 year ago

I’ve been waiting for a video of this song and the Duo Session format is perfect. Wowcool.

Jung Roe
1 year ago

Absolutely love this song, such a beautiful and moving song. The singing, harmonies and guitar work is so uplifting and soothing, and the poetic lyrics attests to your amazing song writing talent. There is so much deep meaning in your music, it keeps drawing me back to it. You are both amazing artists, and this song is just another example of your brilliance. Thank you for injecting so much beauty… Read more »

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Mona & Lisa