Close To You – New Video

Close To You (Original) - Duo Session

As we’re writing this, thick snowflakes are drifting by our window. That doesn’t happen a lot here in England and it reminds us of the winters at home in Austria. Everything is quiet and making us feel a little melancholic. It kind of fits with the song we are sharing with you today, so we are embracing the sentimental feelings as we’re sipping on our hot cup of tea and typing up this Newsletter (well, it’s me Mona typing right now while Lisa is preparing the Social Media posts that will go out later :-)).

How are you all feeling? How has the start of 2021 been for you? Are you happy and doing alright?
These past few weeks we have been busy preparing for some new Duo Session videos. As you might know, they are a series of stripped-back videos that we are releasing regularly over at the MLT Club.
We also upload them on YouTube sometimes, and today we want to share with you a Duo Session of our original “Close To You”.
It is a song we initially released on our album ORANGE as a full studio production, but this more “minimal” version with just the two of us is part of our first “The Duo Sessions” compilation album (that you can find here).

We will start posting the first new exclusive Duo Sessions of the year over at the MLT Club next month, and of course we warmly invite you to stop by there if you are able to do so and support our creative endeavours.

We are about to do a big relaunch of the MLT Club with a lot of upgraded features but we will let you know about that in more detail soon! The weekly videos there will remain a constant, and last Friday we just posted a brand new 20-minute Q&A video all about “Live Performing”. We talk about our future plans, our biggest mess ups and the time we performed with Rod Stewart in the audience. 😉

On the coming Friday we will be drawing the winners of a give-away for a signed drum head and t-shirt (there is still time to enter)! 

We hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and send big virtual hugs to you all,

Mona & Lisa

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7 months ago

Great song, and happy birthday to (both of) you! And no worries, you ARE going to break the “27” jinx!

james sorbera
9 months ago

far out women

Robert K.
Robert K.
11 months ago

Hallo Mädels Ihr seid spitze weiter so …
Ich wünsche euch alles gute für die Zukunft…
Greatings from Austria 😉

Jim Gillbanks
Jim Gillbanks
11 months ago

Great song, you are really talented, reminds me slightly like a Lennon McCartney composition in parts, it’s that good.

Kenneth Blackman
11 months ago

Well this has brightened my day up along with a fair bit of toe tapping.

Jacki Hopper
11 months ago

Wow, does this version of ” Close To You” ever pack an #MLTBuzzLuvGroovified Musical Punch, it’s just as genuine, moving as the Orange Album version, dare I say, even a tad more “umph” dimension to it, when done as a ” Duo Session” song chouce. I ‘ve found the vocals, instrumentation in the simpler , more raw form demonstrated here, just gives me goosebumps , such conveyance of musicianship. It was tge heeded Sunshine to brighten and bring warmth on a cold Canadian Winter day….Thankyou kindly for the smile and urge/need to sing along loud and proud with you on this while watching.?.😉😊💜🤘

11 months ago

Yes, I spent time in Austria in loved everyone and everything.

11 months ago

just watching this today, (not your fault), is making me cry…. next week Feb 4 would have been ‘our’ 26yr anniversary…. she had cancer and didn’t make it to 25yrs…. just watching you together and the song touched me….. I think you are wonderful artists. keep up the good work

11 months ago

Love to you both, don’t stop , stay safe x

Gilles Dwar
11 months ago

Hi Mona ! Hi Lisa ! thank you for your email ! and your new video ! Your voices and 2 guitars and it’s magic ! This afternoon I was listening in my car your cover on the song Revolution and I was wondering why not a new song with drums and electrical guitars ? A rock song ! Do you see ? Yeayeah ! Come on ladies and take care ! Stay groovy and healthy !

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