We’re In The “City & Life” Magazine

MonaLisa Twins in the CIty & Life Magazine

Hey, exciting update!

“City & Life”, an Austrian magazine wrote an article about us and our music. The mag is free and you can find it in most schools and public buildings in Austria. You better get one and show it everyone because it is pretty DAMN cool that we’re in it!

We got that opportunity because Mona was at the “City & Life” editorial department for “work experience” days earlier this year. That’s a program our school offers every now and then where every student should find a place to work for a week. The staff was really nice there. Mona told them about our music so they wanted to write an article about us. And here it is! If you have the chance try to get one!

Mona & Lisa


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5 years ago

Well I’d really like to have a copy but don’t know where to find one. Is an electronic version available? I’d certainly like to know what you were doing at the time.

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Mona & Lisa