Our ‘CHRISTMAS’ Album Is Out Now!

It's Release Day!

Our album ‘CHRISTMAS’ is now officially out!  

Those of you who have pre-ordered their copies will have received an e-mail with the album download link, and the first parcels should be arriving at your doorstep already. Please tell us what you think, we’ve been sitting on pins and (pine) needles all week, anticipating this day! 😛

Have A Listen ...

If you haven’t ordered the album yet but want to know what you’ll be missing out on … 😉 … you can a have a listen to the audio samples here or watch some of our previous Christmas videos on the Video Page:

You can also join the MLT Club and get immediate access to the whole album (as well as our entire back catalogue) for streaming and download! 🙂

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and once again want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought our music and supports this musical journey!

Festive love from the whole MLT team to all of you ♥

Mona & Lisa

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Allen Martin
2 years ago

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Mona, Lisa and family!

I finally got around to leaving my review on this album (spoiler alert – I LOVE it!).

I wanted to add that my sole complaint is that it isn’t available for purchase on vinyl. It needs to be! Preferably with something Christmasey like a red and green swirl – if that isn’t too much to ask for. 🙂 Then I could display it on the wall next to my copy of Orange.

PS. I’m the guy who sent you the ‘Mona Lisa Twins’ wood ornaments a couple of years back. 🙂

William Nau
2 years ago

I received the CD in early November but couldn’t listen to it until until Thanksgiving (USA) weekend. We have a family tradition that we don’t decorate for Christmas or listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. As we stating decorating the Christmas tree this past Saturday I gave my wife your Christmas CD. She was very surprised that you had personalized it for her. Listening to your music while decorating really added to the Christmas spirit. I even heard my wife singing along a few times. My favorite song is your original “All I Want Christmas To Be.” It brought back a lot of memories growing up and my kids growing up. My dilemma is do I stick with tradition and only listen to it in December or sneak it in a few other times during the year.

Deleted User
Deleted User
2 years ago

Got my Christmas CD yesterday & it’s now going to be my “go to” Christmas CD to listen during the holidays. While the holidays always put most of us in happy & festive state of mind, your music does that thru-out the year. We are truly blessed to have found each other!!!! Thanks for all the music & warmness your family always delivers. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Ademir Manzato
2 years ago

I received the CDs on Friday, but just today I sat down to listening it. The first song, All I Want Christmas To Be, already gave me chills. Brought me all the mixed emotions of Christmas, some tears came to my eyes, I hold them back. I believe the piano was playing by your dad. Sometimes it remindes me Rick Wakeman playing Bowie and Cat Stevens songs, so I can’t say it’s amazing. I’m still hearing the others songs while I’m writing. Some I already know, but it sounds clearer than in the videos. One I believe I need to hear more to assimilate it is Happy Xmas. For me it’s a sad song. I never thought it could be so festive. After Silent Night, silence. I want more. I’m still deeply moved.

2 years ago

Thanks for the download of your Xmas album. Your original composition is a real treat and continues to resonate with each repeat play. I Like your Cuban/Latin American interpretation of ‘Happy Xmas’., with its touches of Mariachi. I figure that’s Papa Rudi’s magic on the keyboards, along with his usual quality bass playing, in this instance, very rhythmic. I especially like your exquisite version of ‘Silent Night’, with the acoustic guitar introduction, followed by your, oh so sweet, haunting, perfect harmonising! ?❤️

Dale Harris
2 years ago

I have a bit of a commute every day, and “ORANGE” fills it almost to the second. I admitted that I would be reluctant to take it out of my player when the announcement was issued that a Christmas album was on the way. Now I’m worried that people will wonder why I’m playing Christmas music in February…what a remarkable album!

2 years ago

I liked it

2 years ago

Je veux être le premier à écrire en français. Afin que vous sachiez que votre talent à franchi la Manche !
Je suis fan, et je regarde vos vidéos tous les jours. J’espère que vous viendrez vite vous produire en France. Bravo pour votre talent, votre humour et votre fraicheur. Love !!!

M Farlow
2 years ago

Mona Lisa Twins – Christmas

I have had CD a few days but not played it up to now. I so wanted to leave playing the CD until … Christmas! I could not help myself though. Like a child searching hiding places or tearing a corner on a gift to peek inside, I had to play the CD.

I’m going to do a track by track assessment and make notes below.

Too long, did (will) not read. In short, MLT Christmas is a wonderful mix of charmingly covered Christmas songs and, the first track, a heart warming original. Grab yourself a hot Glühwein (alcohol free for me) and snuggle up in a blanket next to a roaring fire then put on the CD and enjoy this marvellous yuletide treat.

It’s kind of difficult for me to review such well known and loved songs but I’ll give it a go.

All I want Christmas to be

Reminiscent of the wonder and delight of childhood Christmas, this is such a heart warming song one may be tempted to call it twee – but in the nicest possible way. The twins have done themselves proud here and produced what, for me at least, could become a classic Christmas staple.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

This is a very rock ‘n roll version of the song sometime crooned! Yet the sentiment is still there. I simply adore the way the girls cover this song making it vibrant and, somehow, smooth at the same time.

Peace on Earth / Little drummer boy

Many will remember Bing and David singing the song. Unpopular as some may find this and as fantastic as Crosby and Bowie are, I find this rendition by the twins far superior. The harmonies are spot on and in some way the song just seems more sincere sang this way.

Wonderful Christmastime

Sir Paul, this is undoubtedly your song, hands down and chips in. So, when I write about how good this cover is please; take it well! The twins are a bit ‘cheeky’ on this track and the fun really comes through. The tune is excellently played and the girls sing it so sweetly. This is another track by the twins that I would choose over the original every time. Sorry Sir Paul.

Snow falls softly at night

A pedant may point out that the title of this song could, or should, be ‘Snow falls soft in the night’. Phew! Got that one out of the way! It does not matter. For me this song is best ‘auf Deutsch’* and I’m so glad the girls started it that way. This interpretation has such a wonderfully warm guitar which sings in itself. In shortness and simplicity this song excels as do the girls in this, almost country, version.

Winter wonderland

Wow! I thought I was going back to the fifties, never mind sixties with this one! (Yes I know it’s from the thirties). There is a kind of a chirpy, funny lilt in this version. The tune is, as it should be, jaunty, catchy and very well performed. The girls sing this song as if it were made for them.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Cheery, marvellously harmonic, fun, softly rockin’ – what else is to be told? This is, as the girls, simply charming.

Walking in the air

This is an upbeat version of a classic. The girls do really well at spicing up traditionally slow songs. With clear and precise singing, even at this speed, the voices of the girls mix exceptionally well here. Yeah! This cover is different but definitely not in a bad way.

Santa baby

This Eartha Kitt classic has been covered by many with mixed results. This version does not disappoint. The ‘and me!’ near the start is quite fun. The list asks for instruments in a modern twist. The girls have been ‘angels all year’ (with dark wings maybe – I jest). Another cheeky and fun version of a song that was, in this instance, tongue in cheek anyway.

Happy Xmas (war is over)

An almost carnival working makes this cover very interesting. This song always seemed somewhat sombre (though good that way) to me and it is nice to hear it covered in a more upbeat manner. Some may not like this party style cover but I think it every bit as good as the original.

Silent night

So! This is another song I really like sang ‘auf Deutsch’. Just the way I am! That wrote; I really like it sang in English too – possibly my favourite carol. How nice the guitar start of this song is. The performance here is quite moving. I have to write; very well done with this cover MLT.

*Though my skills with the German language are not the best, my sister living in Germany assures me that I did well to use ‘auf Deutsch’ in the above! Corrections on a postcard to…

Jung Roe
2 years ago

I’m walking in the air, floating in the clouds listening to this album. Knowing the songs already that would be on this album, I knew it would be one awesome incredible Christmas album with all these beautiful MLT Christmas songs from the past all in one album as they each deserve, but the new songs and the original, just blows away all my expectations! It’s pure beautiful musical magic and joy, that is becoming more clear that only MLT can these days do with each new creation. Thank you Mona and Lisa for this gift of Christmas magic and bringing the spirit of Christmas back to me!

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