‘CHRISTMAS’ Album Pre-Order

Pre-Orders start TODAY // Release Date – November 1

We know, it’s still September but things are about to get Christmassy!

We are finally able to announce that we will release a Christmas album this year, and pre-orders are starting … TODAY!


As many of you know, it’s become somewhat of a tradition to release a new Christmas song for you every year. This year we decided to take it up a notch and release a full album!

It will simply be called ‘CHRISTMAS’ and is going to include covers of well-known Christmas songs – traditional and contemporary – as well as an original song called ‘All I Want Christmas To Be’.

We’ve experimented quite a lot with quirky instrumentation and arrangements, some jazzy vocal and guitar parts and other somewhat unusual approaches to some of your favourite Christmas songs. The last thing we wanted to do was to walk down the beaten track and create a “normal” Christmas album.

All that being said, rest assured there will be a fair share of jingle bells, Holiday cheer and tranquil moments on this album to go along with the more “out there” parts.

As you know, these things take some preparation, so we have spent a lot of the Summer, including the hottest days of the year, recording Christmas songs in our boiling hot studio (by British standards anyway 😉 ).

Pre-Order & Shipping

If you decide to pre-order ‘CHRISTMAS’ or any of the bundles available on our webstore, this is what you’ll get:

  • Your order will include a Christmas card from us.
  • You will be amongst the very first to listen to the new album. Right when the clock strikes midnight (GMT) on November 1 we will send out the download versions of the album while your physical CD might still be on its way to you.
  • The download package will provide you with MP4, FLAC, and m4a files, as well as the album artwork including the lyrics of our original.
  • The latest shipping date for all pre-orders is October 31. We aim to send off international orders slightly in advance so that they will arrive roughly around the release date (not guaranteed though).
  • That means your album(s) will arrive well in time for the Holiday season. Even if you’re in a more remote location or post offices/carriers mess up, you’ll still have the album(s) in your hands before the Christmas mail chaos sets in.

Want to get your album signed?

If you’d like your album signed or a special note or name written on your CD, maybe as a Christmas present for yourself or someone else, join the MLT Club. As always, all Club Members’ pre-orders will get signed automatically. For special dedications on your albums simply leave a message for us in the “order notes” field.

In the months ahead, we’ll also be posting lots of extra content around ‘CHRISTMAS’ in the Club, like making-of videos and exclusive Christmassy content. So now is definitely a good time to try it and join us for the Christmas party warm-up. 🙂

We’ve had so much fun working on this record and are especially proud of the original song on the album. We can’t wait for you to hear it and promise a lot more original music to come.

We’ve hinted on a new self-panned record for a while which obviously had to take the backseat for this Christmas album.

We hope it is going to add a whole lot of joy to your Holiday season this year and already want to thank everyone who decides to order ‘CHRISTMAS’.

Take care, take a few risks and of course … stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Frank De Giacomo
4 years ago

Got my order in –
Can’t wait to hear the MLT original!
Loved all the Christmas videos in the past so what a treat!

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