“All Good Things Must Pass” – Cavern Residency Ending Oct 8, 2016

MonaLisa Twins Cavern Club Final Residency Show 2016

Ending the Cavern Club Residency

Ladies and Gentlemen, after 2 years and pretty much exactly 100 shows at the legendary Cavern Club we decided to enter the next chapter of our musical journey and end our weekly residency at the “most famous club in the world”.

Getting a regular spot at the cellar of all cellars was a dream come true and something we never thought would happen only a few years ago. Every gig was as exciting as the first one and we grew a lot as performers and musicians.

With the recordings of the new album hitting the final stages, our schedules filling up for next year, touring plans shaping up etc. we had to make this decision to be able to concentrate on the next part of our journey and everything that goes together with the new release.

We want to say a big thank you to Jon Keats, Bill Heckle and everyone in the Cavern management for taking us on board, it was a real honour. We also thank all the other Cavern residency bands for welcoming us so warmly, sound-engineers Tom and Ricky for making us sound good and all the security and bar staff for the big smiles every time we walked down those steps 🙂 And of course the many fantastic musicians we rocked this stage with every Saturday, it’s been a ridiculous amount of fun!

And last but not least a HUGE thanks to all of you who came to watch us there week in, week out. One of the best things about this residency was meeting so many new people and we’re not gonna lie – we’ll miss you!

Final Show Dates

Our last residency show will be on October 8, 2016, so join us and make this a truly special night. These are all the gigs left: 17th September, 1st October, 8th October. (No show on 24th September!!!)

To get informed about any future shows or upcoming tours feel free to join our mailing list so you won’t miss anything.

We will see you around!
Much love to all of you,
Mona & Lisa


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