Catch The Wind – New Video

Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind …

We’ve been playing this song for a long time. There even is an old video on YouTube of us performing this song live on a radio station almost 10 years ago, and we also played it during one of our MLT Club Livestreams. Not to mention the hundreds of times we’ve performed it live on stage.

We thought it deserved its own properly recorded Duo Session after all these years!

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Donovan a couple of times over the years! Growing up listening to his music, we’ve always considered him a significant influence on our own musical journey. 

We hope you enjoy this Duo Session ♥

The song is available on CD here, or check out the Download version if you don’t want to wait/pay for shipping 🙂 

More Duo Sessions

While you can now purchase this song on CD, we ALWAYS debut our Duo Sessions exclusively at the MLT Club first, sometimes months or even years before they’re available elsewhere! Just last week, we posted a rendition of “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” to the MLT Club that isn’t accessible anywhere else or on any CD yet. 

Over in the MLT Club we release a new video every single week ranging from Duo Sessions to vlogs, to Q&A videos, etc. We’re also planning on doing another Club exclusive Livestream in a few weeks which we’re VERY excited about!!

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We’d love to have you onboard!

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Tom Fones
19 days ago

I hope Donovan has seen this.
Mona & I have had this discussion before.
I wish you two would consider covering Ilse of Islay some time.

Tim Arnold
22 days ago

“When the rain has hung the leaves with tears”, “I want to hide a while behind your smile”. What amazing lyrics. I was young when Donovan was really popular and didn’t realize what a great songwriter he is. I think the song really suits your style too, as the lyrics of the songs on the Why? album are quite comparable. Catch The Wind sounds like it could be an MLT… Read more »

Mike Dresen
Reply to  Tim Arnold
5 days ago

you took the words right out of my mouth. I too was very young when he was popular, and never realized how great a writer he was. This song is beautiful, and the twins version is even better!!!

Keith Bennett
23 days ago

Moving and wonderful. Nostalgic too, as my best mate Dave Lindop and I used to include this song in our busking setlist.

Stephen Bowe
23 days ago

Thank you for sharing with us, simply beautiful.

Heijo Rost
24 days ago

So beautiful😊!!!

24 days ago

A great rendition, but every time that I watch it I get the impression that Mona is sad. I’m sure things are better.

Johnnypee Parker
Reply to  Christopher Oliver
24 days ago

I hope Mona is just showing off her acting skills. Her mood does fit the song. I get chills when she starts singing on this one.

Of all the Mona’s, Sad Mona is my least favorite.


Tim Hilton
Reply to  Johnnypee Parker
24 days ago

I believe that is one of the things that attracts me to these ladies…. They become the song. And I did notice that maybe Mona did take a few seconds to come out of it…??🤔🤓🎶

Keith Bennett
Reply to  Tim Hilton
23 days ago

Yet another reason why Mona and Lisa are so loved by us all. They really feel the music. They’re not human jukeboxes; the music’s from the heart; covers and originals, and you can hear it. Lisa’s vocal on this is amazing; there’s technique, yes, and skill, but there’s also that feel for the music. Mona compliments that perfectly, vocally and instrumentally. I am in awe.

Neil Baker
Reply to  Christopher Oliver
22 days ago

i can remember when Donovan used to sing it he got right into it and looked sad think its just the song

Alan Carlson
24 days ago

Just beautiful ladies.

25 days ago

On this windy Monday morning I listened to this touching Donovan song. It wasn’t the wind, but Mona’s and Lisa’s beautiful voices and Mona’s wonderful harmonica playing that gave me goosebumps.
This is the best and most beautiful Donovan cover ever.

Peter Mathiesen
25 days ago

Dear Both. I’ve hear your versions of the number countless time – it gets better and better. Simple love the atmosphere you to give. Thank you very much🤩🤩

Eric Reniers
25 days ago

Not only do you make my weekends , you even spoil us with a fantastic video of ” catch te wind” .i knew it was written by Donovan, but , up until now my favourite version was sung by Judith Durham, her mesmerising voice made a deep impression on me. The harmonies of your version are heavenly too. Hope the Duo Session 3 will be here soon .I allso hope… Read more »

David Herrick
Reply to  Eric Reniers
25 days ago

You probably know this, Eric, but I can’t resist pointing out that Judith’s version was on an album of cover songs titled “Mona Lisas”.

Eric Reniers
Reply to  David Herrick
25 days ago

Hello David, thanks for pointing this out,i did not know this and for sure i will look up the album and listen to it.
Would this ” coincedence” have a meaning? Maybe a hint to Mona and Lisa to cover some songs of the Seekers? I am convinced they would make those covers as heavenly as all of their songs.

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