“California Dreaming” EP Release + New Videos!

MonaLisa and Band California Dreaming EP Cover 900px

Today is the “California Dreaming” EP Release!

The album contains three songs – “California Dreaming“, “San Fransisco” and “Hotel California“. We recorded them at our Dad’s studio at home in Austria. The Sax is played by our stepmum Michaela, our Dad recorded the bass and the keyboard and we (Lisa and I) did all the singing and the other instruments (guitars, drums). Our Dad produced & recorded the “California Dreaming” EP and mixed and mastered all of the songs. The album art was done by Michaela. It really was a whole family project 🙂

As we told you in earlier news-updates we filmed the music videos for the songs in California. We then recorded the music at home in Austria. To work on that EP and to shoot the videos was a whole lot of fun and we learned a lot of new things about filming and recording. It was definitely a good way to improve in the studio! We also want to thank YOU for sticking with us and send love to everyone for their support!
Get the EP now in our webshop, at AMAZON, ITUNES and CDBABY!

Take care,
Mona & Lisa

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