Baby’s In Black – New Beatles Cover

We're bringing you a stripped-back 2-guitars & 2-vocals version of "Baby's In Black". Originally recorded for the MLT Club, we thought we'd now share it with our wider audience, too.

The tune is once again one of those perfect little Beatles songs drenched in melody and harmonies, ideal for a Duo Session in a corner of our studio. Sprinkle John Lennon's somewhat dark, cheeky, rude, charming, cute (... what are they!?) lyrics on top and you get "Baby's In Black".

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

  1. MRS SYLVIA SHILLITOE 1 month ago

    Baby’s in Black is a typical Beatles song & delivered in such a cheeky manner. It’s great! You really nailed it with your version. It rocks!! Carry on rocking girls xx

  2. Terry Gannon 5 months ago

    Hi girls, Yet again, another lovely production of a favourite song. Love it. Keep rockin’ x

  3. bill 7 months ago

    i sincerely believe that Buddy Holly would have covered this tune, had he not been in that airplane.

  4. Steve Field 7 months ago

    When I heard your rendition of Till There Was You, it brought back a ton of memories. I’m a 66 retired male and I grew up listening to the Beatles and they have been my favorite band forever. I listened to the 3 songs you sent me and I was really impressed with your talent and songwriting. I love all kinds of music from Tony Bennet to the band 5 finger Death punch. But the beatles are and will be my most loved band of all time. I wish you great success and I will continue to listen to your fine music

  5. Francis 7 months ago

    Nice. But you need to nail John’s vocal line!

    It’s not the same. But your voices would reflect the two line well…

  6. Thomas Nottingham 8 months ago

    I lived through the 60’s and 70’s as a teen & twenty. Your postings reminded me what fun music was back then and I’ve been encouraged to revisit my own past music heritage. I keep hoping to see you live, somewhere down south. Wish I”d EVER had your talent.

  7. Andrew 9 months ago

    Love to watch/hear these two..Pure and pretty.

  8. Bill Isenberg 9 months ago

    Does not get any better than this version! Great job ladies again and pitch perfect and the guitar riffs are so awesome!!! Only sad part is….to short…LOL..I Could listen all day with this version. Thank you !

  9. Bambang Sardjono 10 months ago

    Awesome, great.. I like the slide guitar… Excellent.. 👍

  10. JORGE 10 months ago

    Niñas lindas las felicito por ser tan extraordinarias

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