All I Want Christmas To Be – Our New Christmas Single

Is Christmas still how it used to be ...

For many, us included, Christmas always stood for a time of magic and wonder, playtime and adventure. Born and raised there, we firmly believed in our Austrian version of Santa Claus. Instead of Father Christmas, every household gets a visit from the "Christkindl", a golden-locked, angel-like figure packing presents underneath brightly decorated Christmas trees.

We believed in elves, fairies, reindeer and magic. Somehow more things became possible when the fairy lights went up and the rooms started smelling of cinnamon and oranges.

When writing "All I Want Christmas To Be" we went back to that time ... when Christmas (at least for us kids) didn't mean stress, spending money on obligatory gifts, being pestered by cheesy commercials and trying to avoid hearing "Last Christmas" for the hundredth time.

We hope you enjoy the video we put together for the song, and if you like it, would encourage you to share it with your friends and maybe send them back down memory lane to their own childhood Christmas experiences!

We also wouldn't mind you sending it to your favourite radio station, sharing it on Social Media or adding it to the playlist of your nearest Christmas market 🙂 We would also love for you to leave a comment underneath the YouTube video or in the comments section on our website ♥ 

Thank you, guys and have a lovely start into the Christmas season!

Mona & Lisa

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wilson roberto marganelli

I'm in NY, where I came to stay a few days and the rush of days touring here I could only see this video now. I can certainly, even knowing that there are still a few days left for Christmas, say that I already received my Christmas gift listening and watching the video. The emotion when I watched the video almost wiped tears from my eyes. Here in NY, this time of year, we hear Christmas songs all the time in stores, malls, etc ... Classic songs, new songs, etc ... I hope someday All I Want is Cristmas to Be, be of these songs. Thanks for the gift.

michael schuhmacher

Hallo, Ihr Beiden!
Jetzt schreib ich schon den zweiten Kommentar!
Ich sitz hier mit einer Flasche GLENFARCLAS 105, einer Gitarre und spiel Euer Lied mit (D-Dur! Stimmt's?) mit.
Ich hab das Video schon an mehrere meiner Freunde weiter geschickt und alle sind total gerührt.
Mona. Lisa -und in dem Fall wohl auch Rudolf- die Aufnahmen mit Euch beiden als Babys sind genial!!!!! Es wird einem tatsächlich warm ums Herz. Was für eine gute Idee! Ich hab Euch eh schon die ganze Zeit geliebt, aber jetzt.......!
Jetzt trink ich noch einen Glenfarclas, spiel nochmal das Video, spiel mit, bin mehr als glücklich und geh dann ins Bett!
Mona, Lisa, Ridolf, Michaela
Trotz Eagles, Dixie Chicks, Jennifer Nettles und Little Big Town endlich wieder jemand, deren Musik mich genau so tief berührt wie die der Beatles!
MICHAEL aus München

José Carlos Garrido

Aqui no Brasil eu acompanho todas as belas canções da dupla !!!

Feliz Natal para todas as pessoas do mundo !!!

José Carlos Garrido

Maravilhosa dupla de irmã acompanho suas canções há tempos !!!

Fico muito feliz com mais uma belíssima música.

Feliz Natal para todas as pessoas do mundo !!!

marvin pickett

I love this song all I want Christmas. to be

Vincent Karschnia

The Spirit of Christmas shines through both of you ladies and your your family in this Beautiful song and video. You helped bring back a lot of wonderful memories for me of Christmases long ago. Thank you so much.

Bill Isenberg

Thank you so much for bringing back the real reason to celebrate, other than Jesus Birthday but kids! It takes me back to my childhood and all the things you have in this song and it takes me back to my 3 children and now my grand daughter Maddie. Seeing the smiles and joy on the faces of kids is priceless. And the melody of this song is a keeper for years to come and will be added to our list of favorite Christmas songs, such a catchy tune, beautiful arrangement and of course the lovely harmonies, so beautiful. You both bring so much joy to us and keeping this music and spirit alive in today's world is so welcoming. Knowing that the Mona Lisa Twins make this music means a lot and it is coming from your hearts and not just throwing something out there. We can feel the love and spirit in all of your music which is lost in today's music in my opinion. So please keep it coming and god bless you both and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and looking forward to 2020 of music coming from the Mona Lisa Twins.
Thank you
Bill Isenberg A Huge Fan from Pittsburgh Pa USA


hermoso video!

Randall West

I love the song on the cd, The video of Christmas in the Wagner home adds so much more! Another classic from MLT and family! BEST WISHES!!!


Your video put som joy back in my spirit. I am 71 now and most of the magic of Christmas is in the past. I'm married to an ID twin and my closest friend is married ot her twin sister so we know how twins interact, manage a strange psychic closeness that is un-explainable to non-twins (unknown dressing the same, buying the same cards etc). I always wanted twins for children. My 2 girls are grown now and on their own, 2 grandaughters are busy with their lives too. My eldest daughter Jennifer just wrote me an Email "dad what do you want for Chirstmas?" I replied "What i really want no one can get me" without being specific. But my girls likely know what that is because I "moan" to them that they had "a lot of nerve growing up on me!". What I miss most - far more than anything, is having a little girl around to brush her hair - tickle her and hear her giggle. I am certain that's what your dad feels as well. Proud we are to see out chidlren grow up healthy, independent and happy. Sad we are to lose them as little girls. Make sure you give your dad a little bit of a "little girl" this year-some cuddling and snuggling. I'm certain at one time when you girls were little - you climbed in bed on a snowy day with them and they loved that more than you may ever understand. Take a nap with him - make him happy - he may be gone anytime soon and you know that will make his life worth that much more. I wish I had my little grils back but the one I loved most, died as a young child and all I can do is kiss her picture and baby shoe each morning and evening - and dream. Have a happy Christmas girls and stay young and happy. Love Marty P.S. I played with my best friend for 5 years in a band doing only Beatles since 1965 and I love what you do with that music.

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