All I Have To Do Is Dream – New Video!

We finally made a new cover video – All I Have To Do Is Dream!

Last week we went on a skitrip to Salzburg/Austria and decided to record a cover song there as we had to make a break from working on our new album at the studio back home. It’s a classic by the Everly Brothers which has a lot of nice harmonies: “All I Have To Do Is Dream”.
We recorded it live in a little room of our holiday house where the acoustics were quite nice. We also went outside and shot some footage to cut in the video. It snowed a lot while we were there so we had the beautiful white alps as a pretty background scenery. Even for us it is always amazing when we visit the western part of Austria with all the mountains and snow. We can’t wait to go back there next winter … Unfortunately there are no alps in Vienna.
We hope you like the video.

Lots of love,
Mona & Lisa

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