“All About Falling In Love” New Video!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

It seems like while writing the song “All About Falling In Love” our otherwise rather dormant Austrian musical roots (in this case going back to 19th century “Waltz King” Johann Strauss) decided to pop up. The “groove” is kind of a slow waltz, and the wintery atmosphere of the baroque Vienna City Center with its romantic small alleys and its picturesque City Park was a perfect set for our new music video.

Filmed by our dad and Lisa (with the help of Arnold Holler for the making-of footage), the video is starring Mona Schramke and Mario Slavik, who we think did a great job of getting the message of “All About Falling In Love” across in a subtle and very sensitive way.

Please share this video with your loved ones if you enjoyed it. The matter is very dear to us, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to get it around the world.

Spread the love,
Mona and Lisa

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