Abbey Road Studio One – What a Day!

MonaLisa Twins in front of Abbey Road Studios entrance

So yesterday we spent the whole day at Abbey Road Studios!

We were recording and filming in Studio One – what a day! There is so much history in this place it’s unbelievable! The rooms are filled with legendary equipment and the walls are covered in legendary moments. If only they could talk!

We got told that while recording we stood in the same spot that Mick Jagger, Keith Moon and Marianne Faithfull were sat when the Beatles did the live broadcast of “All You Need Is Love”. They still use the same microphones as they did back then, and everything still looks like we all know it from the countless pictures and videos.

We recorded a few songs there with Steve Harley and afterwards got turned into holograms with a special filming technique! And yeah, it was as much fun as it sounds! We can’t wait to see the finished results.

We will keep you posted as we get updated on any news.

So thrilled to have been part of this experience! We recorded in Abbey Road Studio One – surreal!

Mona and Lisa

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Carrie Johnson
Carrie Johnson
1 month ago

So happy for you that you got to work in Studio one!! I dream of seeing it someday. I just discovered you yesterday and wow what a Christmas present! You are exactly what music needs and has been needing for a long time! I’m a GenX Beatles fan and I fell in love with you instantly. You have brilliantly managed to mix 60’s influences with your own unique style. It’s also real, real vocals, real people playing real instruments. I love it so much!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

2 months ago

I am awed by Mona’s and Lisa’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Their harmonies are spot-on and their instrumetal playing is rock solid. Great job, ladies! Keep at it.

Tom Degan
Tom Degan
10 months ago

I did the Abbey Road tour in 2010. What a day indeed! If those walls could sing!

Tom Degan
Goshen NY

Denny Terrell
Denny Terrell
11 months ago

yes I agree with all the compliments on here. You are amazing with a talent and vocal skills that can only be developed so naturally by the special bond that twins have. l listened to your songs. so many remind me of early Beatles..which is what I am into. I would love to get you to do a gig at a folk club that I sing at in Croydon….you won’t get paid but it’s worth a cheeky ask !!! lol

Alejandro Varela
Alejandro Varela
1 year ago

Hi. I have been a musician for about 45 years, I have many musician friends, most would say. Many of them play in tribute bands.
I never liked tribute bands, although I appreciate the enormous effort involved in achieving it.
But when I listen to the MonaLisa Twins, a fresh air enters my ears and my brain. Thank you for your contribution.
A big hug from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Clint Abbott
Clint Abbott
2 years ago

I just came upon your videos.. I love your work. Thanks for bringing back those favorite Beatles’ songs and doing them in a great way. You both are beautiful, with great voices and a fun energy about you that makes you now one of my favorites.. I hope you come to the USA soon. Have you had the opportunity to meet Sir Paul????

2 years ago

Wow. I can’t imagine a day like that. I’m so happy you had the chance to be there. And maybe a bit envious. Haha. Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep watching for your posts. Keith

Ernie Wescott
Ernie Wescott
2 years ago

We love your “Style”! Will yo be coming to USA anytime soon. We love the Beatles and your snappy renditions.

Deleted User
Deleted User
3 years ago

schön das zu lesen! da wäre ich auch mal gerne. Weiterhin euch viel Spaß beim Musikmachen.

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