Abbey Road Studios, Here We Come!

MonaLisa Twins walking across Abbey Road

We think subconsciously we all make some kind of bucket list for our lives. Ever since we started our musical journey at the age of 13 we dreamed big. 9 years, 3 albums, 92 music videos, 8 million YouTube views and a lot of sweat and tears later, we are so happy and lucky for all the boxes we were already able to tick:

Moving to England – ✔
our first big tour – ✔
a regular spot at the Cavern Club – ✔
meeting some of our musical heroes – ✔
working with some of our musical heroes – ✔
having our music played on national radio – ✔

… we could go on but the reason we’re saying this is not because we want to brag about all the cool things that have happened so far but because we are about to tick the next major big fat box in just a few days! ABBEY ROAD, HERE WE COME!!!! Yes, this week we will be recording some live sessions together with Steve Harley at the most famous recording studio in the world. YEEEHAAA! Life is good!

Much love to you all,
Mona and Lisa

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Dan Seymour
Dan Seymour
3 months ago

I love both of you. Keep it up…….

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