-20% on all Vinyl for Record Store Day 2024

It’s Record Store Day! 

Today (20 April) is Record Store Day, a global celebration of independent record stores, artists, and vinyl releases!

To join in the festivities, we’re offering a 20% discount on all our vinyl, including our two original albums WHY? and ORANGE. You can also grab them as a bundle for an extra 10% off.

The Coupon Code is Vinyl2024 and will automatically apply during checkout!

The offer ends tomorrow, midnight (UK time).

Happy shopping and happy spinning!

Mona & Lisa

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Tim Hilton
27 days ago

I just keep looking at the picture… all they’re doing is looking at the record as they’re setting the needle… I know they’re hamming it up just a little bit… how can any two ladies look any prettier? 🤓

Jung Roe
1 month ago

Vinyl Record Store Day! HAHA, I just got up and while brushing my teeth was thinking about going to the one and only local vinyl record store in my town, what a coincidence. I remember a time in Vancouver we had so many record/CD/DVD stores, and some really nice ones with actual DJs and all, and listening stations, in store coffee shop etc, and each record store had it’s own… Read more »

Thomas Randall
1 month ago

I haven’t had a record player (AKA Victrola) in MANY years. But I still spin those CDs all the time!

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