1 Year in Liverpool & “One More Time” – Live Video!

Recently we had a lot more to celebrate than “just” 5 Million YouTube hits:

1. One year ago we set foot in Liverpool and never left again! The Scoustrians were born. To come here was one of the best decisions we ever made and we can’t thank our parents Rudi and Michaela enough for making this big move with us!!

2. Our video for “California Dreaming” reached 500,000 views today! That’s the first of our videos to ever reach that big a number!

3. Our video for “June” cracked the 50,000 views milestone today as well!!

4. We have been playing a residency slot at the Cavern Club Liverpool every Saturday night for about 6 months now, so we thought it’s about time to start sharing with you all some moments of our time there. We just released a live version of our original song “One More Time“, recorded on February 15th, 2015. James Rookyard is on the bass and Jake Brown works the drums.

Sooo … today is a good day, a very good day indeed!

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