MLT Club Test Checkout For Jane

Hi Jane,

We made a little video going through the MLT Club purchase process and also explained it step by step in written form underneath.

We numbered every step so if you could let us know at what number your computer/browser behaves differently that would be great!

1. Visit

Visit the MonaLisa Twins Homepage by clicking "Home" in the top left corner of this page.

2. Log In (with your new details)

We reset your login details to rule out any problems there and sent them along with our latest email.

You can of course change the password back to something else at any point. The Login screen in Mona's video looks a little different (because she is using a test-version of the website) but the buttons and functionality are the same.


You can also use this direct link here to reach the product page:

4. Empty your Basket 

Before you add anything to your basket please make sure you empty it first by clicking on the red X next to any products listed there. If it is already empty please ignore this step. It could be that you have an outdated version of the MLT Club Subscription still in your basket and that might be causing the problem so it's best to be safe and start from scratch.

5. Choose Your Subscription 

Please select if you want a monthly or yearly membership subscription with the drop down menu.

6. Click ADD TO BASKET Button

7. Click CHECKOUT Button

8. Fill In Your Details

Your browser might fill in your information automatically so you could skip that part. You can ignore the “Yes, I want to join the MLT-Club” offer and click "Next Step"

9. Fill in your credit card details and check the “I have read and agree …” checkbox

10. Click The “Sign Up Now” Button

11. Skip or Accept The Monthly Offer

A monthly offer will then show up for you. If you click "Yes, Add To My Order" it will get added to your order but you can easily skip it by clicking "No, Thanks!"

12. “Thank you for your order” Page

Now your order should be complete and you will reach a "Thank You" page with your order summary. From then on you will have access to the MLT Club whenever you are logged in with your account and monthly renewal payments will start.

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