‘WHY? – Large Music & Merch’ Bundle


With this bundle you can get the new album WHY? plus all new merch items. It includes:

  • WHY? Album CD
  • Button Set #4 – WHY?
  • Pen – WHY?
  • Cover Art Print – WHY?
  • MLT Wall Calendar 2023

Join the MLT Club to get your CD, Calendar & Cover Art Print signed. More info here.

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Dimensions: 35 × 25 × 1 cm SKU: P-BUN-WHY-CD-AllMerch Categories: , Availability:

In stock

  • WHY? – Album CD

    WHY? is the MonaLisa Twins' third original album and includes the singles "Questionable", "I Bought Myself A Politician" and "Songbird".

    Album Name: WHY?
    Album Type: CDs - 12 Tracks (Downloads included - will get sent to the customer email on release day)

    In stock

  • Button Set #4 - WHY?

    This is a special-edition button set with 3 themed buttons created to celebrate the MonaLisa Twins’ release of their original album WHY?. They are quality printed badges that will last a long time and look fab! Check the tabs below for more info.

    Material: high-quality metal components
    Designs: 3
    Size: 38 mm (1 ½ inch)

    In stock

  • Pen - WHY?

    360° design inspired by the Twins’ WHY? album cover art, with translucent black rubber grip to make them comfortable to hold and with black ink. Each pen comes in a black velvet pouch. Check the tabs below for more info.

    Ink: Black
    Packaging: Black Velvet Pouch

    In stock

  • Cover Art Print - WHY?

    This is a 21 x 21 cm print of the WHY? album cover art on silk smooth paper with a UV spot gloss in the centre of the print which makes the digital drawing pop and will look great on your wall.

    Design: WHY? Album Artwork
    Paper: 400 gsm silk smooth paper with matte varnish and raised UV spot gloss in the centre and title/logo
    Size: 210 x 210 mm / 8.3 x 8.2 in

    In stock

  • MLT Wall Calendar 2023

    MLT Wall Calendar 2023. Twelve high quality photographs to accompany you throughout the year of 2023.

    Size: 21.0 x 29.7 cm / 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in per page (A4)
    Specs: 250gms, Silk paper, silver spiral

    In stock

In stock

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Allan Morton
1 day ago

I opted for the Large Merch Bundle, not just to support MLT the most, but because it was expertly put together with low cost shipping in mind. This shows great awareness of the cost of things and so lovely to have MLT caring about us in this way. Along with the album I received three badges, a cover art print and a lovely calendar. This last item was especially great due to the issues with last years version! And of course you get a pretty pen as well. All in all, a great package of merch!

Eric Affeldt
7 days ago

I received my bundle and love everything in it. The pictures in the calendar are extremely beautiful and I have been listening to the album for about 2 weeks straight in my car on my way to and from work. I love the music so please keep it coming.

Jeannette Wannamaker
8 days ago

Receiving my bundle felt just like Christmas! So much fun opening all the goodies! The calendar is beautiful, as always, and brings a smile to my face each time I look at it. Great idea to connect it to the songs from the album! The artwork and the buttons are so cool. Discovering the tribute to Neve on the pen was delightful! Thank you!

Tom McGronan
10 days ago

Love the album,the cover print is just amazing(is there anything you ladies can’t do),love the calendar,the buttons,and the pen!!
As always,everything is of first class quality.It is always a pleasure to deal with such an Amazing Team of people.
Now we need you ladies to get back to Live shows(some in the U.S. I hope)
Thanks for keeping the smile on my face,and the songs in my heart.
💛 ❤

Last edited 10 days ago by Tom McGronan
Rüdiger Sartor
10 days ago

Es war eine gelungene Überraschung für mich selbst und hat mich groß erfreut.

Eure Musik gefällt mir außerordentlich gut und ich bin ein großer Fenn von euren wunderschönen Beatles interpretationen. Nun WARUM ist auch wieder eine gelungene Scheibe aus eurer Familie an der sicher auch Pappa und Mama etwas dazu beigetragen haben. Ich wünsche eurer Familie ein gesegnetes und frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

12 days ago

In WHY? the Monaiisa Twins demonstrate increasing songwriting maturity along with their prodigious musical gifts. Everything else in the merch package – the buttons, the pen, the calendar, the art work – was just gravy on top. I’ve got all the MLT albums and intend to keep buying new ones as they come out! I hope the twins see their way back to the States again soon.

Claude Lepage
13 days ago

I really like the bundle that i have received. It is really well done. I can see that you have worked very hard to imagine it all. Thanks.

Elias kostolias
14 days ago

I really love the new album n happy for the new stuff n i can’t wait for the new videos n hopefully shows everywhere. They are super talented woman n awesome…

Kenneth Plasa
30 days ago

Didn’t receive my pre-order bundle yet (in Germany). Are pre-orders getting a digital download of your new album (I don’t see one in the “Download” section of my profile)?

Stephen Krogh
1 month ago

A tisket a tasket WHY? is in my basket. I’m gonna go get more merch now. Why?, cause I love these twins!

With this bundle you can get the new album WHY? plus all new merch items. It includes:

  • WHY? Album CD
  • Button Set #4 – WHY?
  • Pen – WHY?
  • Cover Art Print – WHY?
  • MLT Wall Calendar 2023

Join the MLT Club to get your CD, Calendar & Cover Art Print signed. More info here.

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