‘WHY? – Album CD & Calendar’ Bundle


With this bundle you can get the new album CD WHY? alongside a Calendar. It includes:

  • WHY? Album CD
  • MLT Wall Calendar 2023

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Dimensions: 35 × 25 × 1 cm SKU: P-BUN-WHY-CD-Calendar-2023 Categories: , Availability:

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  • WHY? – Album CD

    WHY? is the MonaLisa Twins' third original album and includes the singles "Questionable", "I Bought Myself A Politician" and "Songbird".

    Album Name: WHY?
    Album Type: CDs - 12 Tracks (Downloads included - will get sent to the customer email on release day)

    In stock

  • MLT Wall Calendar 2023

    MLT Wall Calendar 2023. Twelve high quality photographs to accompany you throughout the year of 2023.

    Size: 21.0 x 29.7 cm / 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in per page (A4)
    Specs: 250gms, Silk paper, silver spiral

    In stock

In stock

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Tom Watson
3 days ago

2 thumbs up to Mona and Lisa! Love the new music and the calendar! Great recording work, it all comes together so well. So good!

Greg Crisp
4 days ago

For anyone who, like myself, loves the very sound of these two voices, adores the smiles on these two faces, it would be hard to say anything but bravo to MonaLisa Twins new CD and Calendar bundle. As it has been said over and over in this world you don’t get something for nothing. For a nominal bit of support I hope and pray the music and videos continue for many years to come! And in return we get to see and hear them! P.S. and support their aviary efforts as well!

roddy gordon
5 days ago

Why am I not disappointed? It would be very difficult to find fault with the music these
two produce and like a good wine they are growing and maturing as the years slip by. The hooks and melodies are cleverly laid down and the instrumentation is superb as per the norm. And since I bought “Why” and the calendar I will have there smiling faces with
me every day of the coming year.

Merci très, très beaucoup!

Chris Flegg
6 days ago

I bought the cd/calendar bundle & It would be so easy to be critical about it. The calendar is just like the previous few years (although on time this time lol), a collection of beautiful photographs of the girls. Album wise well wow. I expected another collection of “raw” songs & some studio type ones. I didn’t expect a whole album of top studio quality original songs, each of which have clearly been meticulously crafted & produced on far better quality equipment than previous offerings.
I can’t put into words how impressed I am about “Why”, every track is an absolute gem,and there are several which should really be in the national top 10. This isn’t a step up from ‘Orange’, it’s top flight premier league step up. You just need to hear it.

Tomás F. Calvo
7 days ago

This makes such a great gift! 🎁 The album is phenomenal, it will make anyone hearing it an instant fan and the calendar is beautiful and great quality.

Marián Hrozen
7 days ago

Album “WHY?” it has the unmistakable style of MLT music, it has signs of sixties music and is very pleasant to listen to. This third album with original music and lyrics is in the spirit of the previous two albums and I’m already looking forward to the new songs. The calendar for 2023 contains high-quality photos, it will hang on the wall from January 2023. Thank you for the pleasant experience, good work.
Marián, Slovakia.

James Beszhak
8 days ago

Received my bundle some time ago now. Even though we heard many of the songs on the newly release album “Why” before it was released, I was truly surprised at the freshness, versatility, highly polished production throughout the entire album. The music and lyrics are truly incredible, inspiring, original, thoughtful, and executed so well and of the highest caliber. Mona & Lisa, along with the production team, truly hit this one out of the park. With not a single ‘throwaway’ track, the album effortlessly rolls from one song to the next. Lyrically fresh, musically versatile, the album showcases how incredibly talented the duo has become. A true musical triumph. The calendar is lovely and holds a special place on my music room wall. I’m also wearing the M&L T-Shirt as I put down these words, while looking at my guitar sitting on its stand in the corner wanting me to use my new ‘pick’ to play some simple tunes.

Last edited 8 days ago by James Beszhak
Donald Hines
8 days ago

Thank you thank you!! The calendar is on the wall near the phonograph. Lovely & seeing double. You have to ask Why? Honestly the urge strikes me to get up and play it again and again. Talent and purpose you have. And I have you. All you need is LOVE LOVE LOVE- Peace out!! All my best to your family and a Happy Thanksgiving Day to y’all.

p.s. Don’t worry about the tour promotion. Frankly I just can’t afford the concert price anymore.!

Paul Roberts
9 days ago

Why? is another great step on the MLT musical journey. Loved the songs – great tunes and thoughtful lyrics. Bought the calander as well – excellent as usual.

Neville Dalton
10 days ago

Why? Why not? The twins always serve up fresh sounds and canny lyrics – especially clever considering they’re not in their native language.
Perfect music for the car (although I wouldn’t recommend playing the vinyl version there).

With this bundle you can get the new album CD WHY? alongside a Calendar. It includes:

  • WHY? Album CD
  • MLT Wall Calendar 2023

Join the MLT Club to get your CD & Calendar signed. More info here.

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