Guitar Pick Set – 9 Designs in Tin Box


A set of 9 custom printed celluloid picks, medium gauge (0.71 mm). Full colour printed on both sides with 9 different MonaLisa Twins designs created by Lisa. Check the tabs below for more info.

Gauge/Thickness: Medium (0.71 mm)
Quantity: 9 picks
Material: Celluloid

Only 8 left in stock



Dimensions: 18 × 17.5 × 2 cm SKU: P-Merch-Pick-Set1 Category: Tags: , , , , , , , Availability:

Only 8 left in stock

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Mike Lyons
10 months ago

Just lovely. Great for my style of playing, but…too nice to use. Well, almost. They will be adorning my guitars for some time. Coming over to the U.K. from Australia 2023 and would LOVE to see you and the band in action!!

Joseph Manzi
2 years ago

I purchased these pic’s for myself. I do play the guitar and have used them. Not sure if you sell thin and heavy pic’s . These were medium which I myself use for lead playing. For Strumming I like the thin pic’s . Either way they are excellent pic’s which I enjoy using. Great product.

Jonathan Soon
2 years ago

Colourful with beautiful images printed on both sides. You simply can’t imagine how cool these guitar picks are!!

Tomás F. Calvo
3 years ago

Love them, they are great, some are smooth and some have texture, all are good looking! My niece “borrowed” a couple. ¯\_(“/)_/¯ I use the remainder all the time. Love the pop-open box too, can open it one-handed when holding the guitar with the other! ❤?

Michael Schuhmacher
3 years ago

Nun, ich hab neben den Picks ja auch die CDs, das Mouse-Pad, Kugelschreiber, die Cap und bin mit Allem sehr glücklich. Alles ist von sehr guter Qualität. Daß ich mit diesen Picks jetzt mehr Spaß am Spielen habe und auch wesentlich besser spiele, versteht sich von selbst! Klar, werd ich auch noch mehr bestellen. Ich liebe ja ORANGE !!! Ein klein wenig erinnert sie mich an die Beatles!11 An Revolution Nr.9 gleich am Anfang, an das Trompeten-Solo von Penny Lane usw. usw. Oft mach ich, auch mitten in der nacht, eine Flasche Single Malt auf, trinke zwei/drei Schlückchen und hör mir dann ganz entspannt diese CD an. Herrlich!!!!
Klar, gefallen mir, als altem Beatles-Fan, auch Vol.1, Vol2. und Vol.3!!!! Bei Mona’s “Alright” vor dem Solo bei You Really Got Me (ja, ich weiß, daß das von den Kinks ist!) geht mir jedes mal das Herz auf!
Das Einzige, auf das ich jetzt noch warte, ist ORANGE Vol.2!!!!!

Michael Rife
3 years ago

I like the picks…..I am using them a lot during practice at home. During practice with the group and playing live I tend to use picks with a grip to make sure I hold onto them. So, the picks are nice to look at and to use during practice. Mike.

3 years ago

Not playing a guitar myself I ordered this set as a gift for a brother who does play the guitar. I didn’t really want to part with them though as I found them to be well made and very ornate. My brother was ecstatic when I presented them to him in their cleverly designed container with its easy opening and closing lid. Well recommended!

Thomas Randall
3 years ago

9 picks in a nice black tin with the MLT logo on the top of the tin. The picks themselves are very nice, I’d hate to use them actually! If you play guitar you know you can never have enough picks. I have plenty of picks but how can I resist not getting these?! I may mount these in a picture frame for my wall! Grab a tin for yourself!

Iain Rowe
3 years ago

Truth is I ordered these plectrums to use as plectrums because the are the right size, shape, and thickness as the ones I use anyway. But, although completely practical, they are so ornate and pretty I have ended up displaying them on my window sill instead. Might have to buy some more!


About the Pick Set

You will get a black MonaLisa Twins pop tin box with 9 custom printed guitar picks made out of high quality celluloid in a medium gauge (0.7 mm). They are printed differently on both sides which gives you a total of 18 different images. The colours look vibrant and are very resistant so they don’t come off easily while playing.
These plectrums will grip well to your fingers and sound fantastic on the strings

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