Headless On Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

How do you behead your twin sister with a guitar but make sure she can still record with you the next day? Watch this video to find out how! πŸ˜‰

Lisa is the Photoshop wizzard amongst us, and we thought it might be interesting for you to watch the creation process of this year's Halloween photo. We picked a particularly gruesome example to fit the season.

We hope you are having a spooky Halloween. If you're dressing up, please feel free to post a photo below - we'd love to see your costumes.

And please don't forget to vote for The Zombies to get into the "Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame" this year. The top 5 bands with the most votes are going to get inducted, and they are currently in 5th position. But you should keep voting every day until the 9th of December to secure their place for good πŸ™‚  https://www.rockhall.com/fanvote

You can watch our recommendation video:


Song playing: Our cover of "Time Of The Season" by The Zombies. (Available on MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 3)

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Stephen Krogh

Wow! I think this definitely puts an end to the question of "which one of you is the evil twin?" After all Lisa, it looked like Mona pushed you down by accident!

Steve Rossi

Great cover and Lisa is the queen of photoshop. ????

Steve Crider

Lisa, I shared your video with my son who is a PhotoShop Master and not easily impressed. He said you are really good and your skills are top notch and he actually learned something from watching the video. To quote he said, "I learned how she uses a white brush on a back later to add lighting to the dress. Very cool." So there you go. If you can impress my son, you're doing something.


Very creative music video!! Very different!! The MonaLisa Twins always have the best videos.


One of your best covers ever! Fabulous!

Steve Crider

Be wary of a woman with a killer guitar and a smile. HaHa. Happy Halloween ladies. Love the guitar work on this song. Now I want to see how Mona exacts her revenge.

Christomir Rackov

I am always wary of a woman with anything "killer" in her. πŸ˜› LOL

Ross Anderson

Wonderful photo happy Halloween

Jerry Chamness

So cool. Loved the video! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Ademir Manzato

The celebration of Halloween here in Brazil is only in English schools and some closed parties, but our new president scares me a lot with his witch hunt ideas.

Thomas Randall

WOW! Mad Photoshop skills using that great cover song! LOL! Poor Mona! Well done Photoshop guru!


I knew it!! I knew it!!


Wow, loved it. Mona and Lisa, you never cease to impress. I've never seen something actually created in photoshop like that. That image of Lisa could be the poster for a new box office Halloween thriller "Revenge of Chuky's sister". πŸ™‚

Christomir Rackov

You've never seen? :O Here is, for your viewing pleasure, how an entire brilliant painting (for a book cover) was painted in Photoshop by the amazing illustrator Marc Simonetti: https://www.facebook.com/620600957/videos/10155632894785958/


Each year your Halloween gruesomeness gets better and better . Do we dare ask where Papa Rudi and Michaela are??

Christomir Rackov

Hush! That's a dangerous secret to ask about... :O

Carol Hankins

Happy Halloween, Mona and Lisa! Your "Time of the Season" is one of my favorite songs on #3! Your how-to video here got me wondering about why we call a guitar an "axe," so: https://noviceguitar.com/why-guitar-is-called-axe-learn-the-true-origins-of-the-etymology


Now this is Fantastic! Reminds me of Lizzie Borden type Macabre. ???? I absolutely love the way you showed the way it was created. And the song choice is perfect!

Christomir Rackov

And yet Lizzie Borden was acquitted.


True. And Yet somehow I don't think Mona will care. Me thinks Mona will be out for revenge when she is resurrected.

Mark Mazuroski

Love the video!!!

Richard McGlenn

Maybe they are identical Twins now that I look at them from this angle.

Jacki Hopper

Finally...Lisa has got a HEAD Of things...even if it is Mona's...but do you hear Mona MONA-ing about it ????????????????

Jacki Hopper

Spooktacularly Gruesomely Warped but Awesome...Truly MLT- O- WEEN-ishly Fab????????☠️????

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